Mehraban Rugs


Located in West Hollywood, California, Mehraban Rugs supplies luxury rugs through its physical and online store. Customers can purchase a variety of high-quality handmade rugs and/or have their rugs appraised and cleaned. The client wanted to improve the look and feel of their website. They sought our help to improve keyword ranking positions for primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords. They wanted to expand the local visibility of their store and explore listing opportunities in prominent directories.

See how we helped Mehraban Rugs improve its Google Business Profile (GBP) to rank for keywords and grow their impressions, resulting in increased goals completions. 


Mehraban Rugs was not ranking for many of its target keywords. Keywords such as “Persian rugs Los Angeles” and “Bohemian rugs” had a lesser search volume versus seed keywords such as “Rug Store Los Angeles”. Our team recognized that there was a massive potential to quickly increase local visibility by targeting these secondary and tertiary keywords along with seed keywords. Additionally, we found that the majority of the brand’s citations were inaccurate and were not included in prominent directories, so there weren’t many strong signals being put out to help the site’s local relevance, authority, and ranking in search engines.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We optimized the brand’s GBP and published short posts there to help their profile rank higher in the local pack on the search results page as well as on Google Maps. This also establishes the brand as an expert in the home decor/rugs space. Enhanced visibility in Google Search and Maps allows potential customers to easily connect with the brand. We also addressed NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) consistency across their business profiles.

The client did not have Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) installed on the website. Our team provided the client’s development team with the GA and GTM snippets and implementation instructions and provided GTM access to the client’s assigned team. Once the developers implemented these, we reviewed with the client if events were being captured correctly.

Mehraban Rugs Collections Page

There were no category pages on at the start of our campaign. When users selected the shop rugs icon, it took them straight to an All Product page. With thousands of products to choose from, the single page list of all products made it difficult to navigate and find something of particular interest. To alleviate this shopping experience, our team created an organized dropdown menu for the header with category and subcategory pages once all of these pages were designed, developed and published. We also tested the site on a number of mobile devices to ensure the consistent functionality of the new mobile navigation menu.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our team installed Google Ads conversion tracking and prepared several variations of ad copy and banners for the client’s PPC campaigns. After client approval, our team launched several Branded Ads, Display Remarketing Ads, and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns. Our team identified errors in the conversion tracking. Every visit to the contact page was tracked as a conversion.

Also, paid non-branded campaigns were set up incorrectly, resulting in unqualified leads. We addressed these issues and included negative keywords to campaigns to avoid irrelevant clicks. Our team created different conversion actions such as calls from website clicks, calls from ads, and email address clicks to ensure proper tracking of these events.

Visibility progress graph for client Mehraban Rugs for a two year period

Other SEO Tasks

We compressed and reduced the file size of all of the website’s large images and implemented changes that would improve the functionality of the website and page load speed. We updated content with refreshed optimized copy on the most key pages of the website to build stronger keyword rankings while also improving the user experience. was missing a number of foundational elements that ensure users have a positive experience, such as clickable contact methods in the header and having a page with a simple inquiry contact form, which our team added. Our copy and link building team collaborated and produced a variety of topical content relevant to outreach efforts. Several business profiles with a backlink were created on directory sites and a number of strong domain authority blog & news opportunities were landed that secured a backlink as well.


The client’s Google Business Profile listing exploded with impressions and subsequently a higher number of actions were taken on the listing. Through GBP impressions data, we found that the listing had started to rank for a lot more keywords than ever before. This strategy resulted in improved local visibility for Mehraban Rugs.

Local Search Grid Positions for Mehraban Rugs

Year over year, the client saw increases in new sessions, new users, and overall users. Users grew by 104% and new users by 106% year over year. This home decor brand saw increases in sessions by more than 98%. The number of ranking keywords increased from 405 to 536, with a 46% increase in the number of keywords ranking in the top 3 positions.



In new users



In sessions



In keywords ranking

Our outreach team efforts grew the number of backlinks from 836 to 1,791 within three months. There was a 97% increase in email address clicks and a 52.6% increase in phone number clicks in the site’s header.



In email address clicks



In phone number clicks

Total conversions on average continued to increase month over month. PPC smart campaigns grew traffic and leads, with conversions seeing a 72.2% increase year over year. Through our strategically guided efforts the site saw growth in traffic and from a more qualified and converting audience. The data also indicates that the increased local presence in Google led to more foot traffic to Mehraban’s physical store in West Hollywood.



In conversions