Black Friday & Cyber Monday Emails: Prepare Today with Email Attribution

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Emails: Prepare Today with Email Attribution

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and businesses that get caught up in the social media frenzy often overlook one of the most effective forms of marketing: email. 

Preparing your Black Friday email marketing strategy early on can give you a powerful advantage over the competition that lasts well beyond the holiday sales. Think of it this way: the more time you have to strategize and fine-tune your email campaigns, the better your chances are of capturing those coveted holiday sales.

Ultimately, Black Friday SMS and other campaigns aren’t just about getting creative and being loud; they’re about maximizing your reach, driving conversions, and ensuring your brand stands out in the sea of holiday promotions.

What Is Email Attribution?

Successful Black Friday email campaigns hinge on a proper understanding of attribution. Email attribution is the process of understanding which emails drive the most sales and conversions. 

Email marketing is already one of the most effective marketing tools, boasting conversion rates 3x higher than social media. Attribution raises the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns by allowing you to see what’s working and what’s not. This information is crucial for optimizing your future campaigns and ensuring you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Attribution plays a massive role in any marketing effort, including Black Friday texts. Here’s how:

  • Optimize Campaign Performance: Identify the email campaigns driving the most conversions and sales. This allows you to double down on successful Cyber Monday emails and refine those that are lagging.
  • Personalize Customer Experiences: Track individual email interactions to tailor future Black Friday emails to specific customer preferences. This can include offering personalized discounts, product recommendations, or exclusive content.

    This idea applies to SMS, as well. For example, a Cyber Monday SMS to a segment that has previously shown interest in graphic tees could include a special discount code. 
  • Measure ROI: Attribution can help you understand your return on investment after each email marketing campaign. An accurate assessment provides valuable data for budget allocation and future campaign planning.
  • A/B Testing: Understanding the preference of your audience through A/B testing will help determine what drives better email and SMS attribution.
  • Identify Key Touchpoints: Discover which Black Friday email touchpoints lead to the most sales. Identifying the best touchpoints lets you prioritize those elements in future campaigns and even refine your email nurture strategies.
  • Enhance Customer Journey Mapping: Whether you’re working on a Black Friday SMS campaign or a social media ad blitz, understanding and improving how customers interact with your brand through their purchasing journey is paramount. This will allow you to optimize touchpoints and ensure a seamless customer experience. 

Email Strategy: Tips and Tricks

a Black Friday email about watches

Starting early with your Black Friday email marketing strategy gives you the time to put your best foot forward for your customers. Here’s how you can make the most of your lead. 

Define Your Audience

Before crafting Black Friday emails or creating a content calendar, you need to determine the final objective and your target audience. For example, before you start writing Cyber Monday emails, you need to first understand who you’re writing for. What do you want to achieve with those emails? Is the goal to increase sales or simply to boost brand awareness? 

a Black Friday email about hot sauce

Consider your target audience. Who are you trying to reach with your emails? What kind of content and products are they interested in? Segmenting can increase open rates by over 82%, allowing businesses to tailor their messages based on audience preferences.

Once you’ve sent those Black Friday emails, you can use email attribution to track which segments respond best to your messaging and personalize future campaigns.  

Plan Your Content

Creating a content calendar and brainstorming email content is crucial for a successful campaign. Calendars help you plan out your content every step of the way, and they can reveal new opportunities that you might otherwise have missed. After all, email campaigns aren’t just about throwing in new discounts.

  • Use Data: From Black Friday text messages to social media ads, data should be your primary guide when planning content. For instance, you can analyze past Black Friday email attribution data to identify what types of content resonated best with your audience.

    This data could include specific product categories, promotions, or email subject lines. Data can help you tailor your content to what your audience wants to see, ensuring higher engagement and better results.
  • Find The Right Time: Email attribution can also help you optimize the timing of your emails. For example, if you notice that your customers are most likely to open and click through emails sent on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can schedule your email campaigns accordingly.
  • Use Segments: Everyone loves a good discount, but that doesn’t mean you should send everyone the same emails.

    Say you run a clothing store with two defined customer segments: ‘Loyal Shoppers’ and ‘Subscribers.’ Through attribution, you’ve noticed that the ‘Loyal Shoppers’ respond best to early access offers and exclusive codes, while the ‘Subscribers’ prioritize offers based on their previous purchases. With this data, you can now personalize your communications to these segments, including Black Friday SMSes. 

Effective Design

A great Black Friday email marketing strategy doesn’t work without great design. Remember, you’re working with a minimal amount of text and space, and communicating with customers who will click off if you don’t immediately grab their attention.

Brand Identity

First, your emails should reflect your brand identity in terms of the images, text, and overall color palette. Consistent design builds trust and recognition with new customers, and this is a great place to start. Brands often use vivid colors for these emails to build a sense of urgency and excitement. 


Your choice of images also plays a big role in Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails. If possible, try to avoid using blurry and low-resolution images. Original high-resolution images are ideal, but you can also (sparingly) use stock images, if necessary. 


Your email’s overall design should effortlessly guide your readers towards your products. You can highlight key information like discounts, product features, and calls to action using bold fonts and clever placements. 


Black Friday emails need to look great and load quickly. 33% of email clicks are registered on mobile devices, and your content needs to look great across most major devices. 

a Black Friday email from Skillshare

So, how do you determine which layout, font, and images offer the best chances of conversion?

Marketers often use a combination of A/B testing and email attribution to craft the right Black Friday email marketing strategy.

  1. A/B Testing: This involves creating two versions of an email (A and B), each featuring a different element. This element could be a changed subject line, a new image, or a different layout. ‘A’ refers to the control variable, while ‘B’ is the new version of that variable. A/B testing is an integral part of the marketing toolkit, and it’s handy for Black Friday SMS blasts.

    When planning your Black Friday emails, you can send each version to a distinct audience segment and observe which performs better.
  2. Email Attribution: While A/B testing is focused on a specific element in your emails, email attribution looks at the overall impact of your email campaign. Attribution gives you the bigger picture when planning Cyber Monday emails, including elements like subject lines and images. 

Both concepts work together. Your email attribution data can inform your A/B testing by highlighting areas for improvement. Similarly, you can also use attribution after A/B testing to study the long-term impact of a particular layout or image.

24/7 Analysis

Black Friday emails aren’t just a one-time annual event. Every campaign is an opportunity to lay the groundwork for even greater future successes, which is why analyzing your metrics during and after the campaign is so important. 

Preparing early lets you move quickly and make swift adjustments during the campaign—if necessary. For example, if one of your major goals for the campaign was to increase sales and you’re seeing a noticeably low open rate, you can try using an alternate subject line or image prepared in advance. 

Post-campaign analysis can reveal many priceless opportunities for growth.

  • Future Email Strategies: With attribution, you can use your Black Friday emails to lay the groundwork for future campaigns, whether that’s for the winter holidays, Valentine’s Day email marketing, or a summer sale.
  • Retargeting: Email attribution can fuel your post-campaign retargeting effort. You’re effectively using Cyber Monday emails to turn potential shoppers into loyal customers. Maybe your original call-to-action wasn’t strong enough, or maybe your original subject line was too forceful. Making these minor adjustments and staying connected with your audience can significantly increase conversion rates. 

Prepare Today With Coalition Technologies

For planning Cyber Monday and Black Friday SMS and Email Marketing campaigns now, email attribution is a key source of data you need to tap into. Preparing a Black Friday email marketing strategy early will let you make adjustments on the go and boost your sales during the holidays. 

If you’re looking to maximize your sales with innovative emails, let Coalition Technologies help! We’ve worked with thousands of businesses, including Fortune 500s, to deliver powerful email marketing campaigns with data-driven strategies. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started!

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