P3 America


This automation and electromechanical product company manufactures and distributes across all commercial and industrial sectors. They are also able to work collaboratively with customers to make custom solutions to all of their mechanical needs.

P3 America came to Coalition with a need for a new website, and help with online marketing, particularly Google Ads and search engine optimization. After the new website build, we were able to work with P3 America to craft a unique marketing plan tailored to their business. P3 America has always been very invested in their marketing campaign and has worked closely with us to develop campaigns that work for them, and also communicate success and failure with us. Since the business is predominantly lead generation, it is incredibly important to have those open channels of communication.

After working with us for over 2 years, they have seen a 55% increase in their organic traffic year over year as well as a 37% increase in their organic revenue. The Click-through-rate in Google Ads has dropped from $2.56 to $1.16. P3 America is securing larger and longer-term clientele through their visibility on Google. It was particularly important for us to listen to the feedback P3 America shared with us, since we don’t always see in the Analytics data which products were the most successful (since much of their business is done offline through calls and emails).


In this complex project, the client wanted to move platforms from Shopify to BigCommerce, but they also wanted to have the customization capabilities that WordPress provides. The project involved building a site that used headless BigCommerce with WordPress using the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin.

They had seen success with their PPC campaigns but felt that the CPA and CPC could be improved.

Our largest challenge with P3 America was the technical nature of the business, and that so much of their business is done through custom builds and offline communication. We were able to find team members who understand this and could learn the nuances of both keyword research and campaign planning. P3 America was very helpful in overcoming this challenge also, since they have always been more than willing to provide explanations and bounce ideas back and forth.

With regard to the lead generation nature of the company, we have treated our campaigns more in this way, and have relied on communication from P3 America to accurately judge the success or failure of each of our campaigns. Through our ongoing collaboration, we have been able to reduce the CPC by over $1, nearly double the number of conversions, and increase the ROAS significantly.


Switching to BigCommerce

We moved them from ZenCart to BigCommerce, as they saw the potential of BigCommerce’s flexibility, apps, and open source abilities. For this we created and implemented a comprehensive redirect strategy, making sure to retain URL link value. We also used Cart2Cart to migrate all of their products over to their new site.

We installed the Quickbooks Online app so that P3 America could better keep track of their accounting needs easily when customers make purchases. We also installed BigCOmmerce’s app Quote Ninja that allows customers to request a quote. Quote Ninja works to build quotes from B2B client’s storefronts. This app allows sales representatives and business owners to save time and generate additional revenue for their business.

Using BigCommerce’s flexibility and open source coding options, we created custom product pages to include PDF and CAD file downloads and bulk pricing lists.

Content Optimization

We also wrote optimized copy and updated the filtering on the category pages. We fixed their breadcrumb schema markup, improved page load speed, and improved their 404 page to be more user-friendly. We also redesigned their logo to be more modern and fit more with their brand image. We are constantly strategizing new improvements to the site based on the direction the business is heading and what is working currently.

In Google Ads, we have worked to customize feeds and product listings based on P3 America’s feedback, and have adjusted our bid strategies also. We recently expanded to Canada since we have been getting such great performance on our USA shopping campaigns.

Final Product


Compared to last year, P3 America has seen a significant improvement in various metrics. For organic traffic, their sessions increased by 55%, new users increased by 85%, transactions increased by 29%, and revenue increased by 37%. For overall traffic, sessions increased by 36%, new users increased by 34%, transactions increased by 53%, and revenue increased by 30%. These organic search results are accompanied by strong Google Ads campaigns, particularly the shopping campaigns. We have continued to grow with the company over the course of our campaigns, and have pivoted when necessary to adjust to the direction and priorities of P3 America.

When the campaign started, the site was ranking for 166 keyword total, and only 8 keywords on the first page. In November 2021, the site is ranking for 815 total keywords, with 75 of them being on page 1! Compared to last year (2020), we have seen organic users increase by 77.55%, and ecommerce revenue increase by 47.58%. We have seen consistent growth in organic traffic over the course of our campaign, and have seen a 326.93% increase in organic traffic since the beginning of the campaign. Looking more recently, in 2021 compared to 2020, organic search traffic grew by 77.55%, and revenue through organic search traffic increased by 47.58%. Overall, ecommerce revenue increased by 73.07% in 2021 when compared to 2020.


organic traffic increase


ecommerce revenue increase

ranking for 815 total keywords coming from 166 keywords

On the Paid Search side, we have worked closely with them to creatively market the right products to the right customers. In Q4 of 2018 the average CPC was $2.56, currently the average CPC is $1.16. In Q4 of 2018 we got 58 total conversions whereas in Q3 of 2021, we had 119.5 conversions. In Q4 2018, the Conversion value/cost (ROAS) was $0.02 and currently (in Q4 2021) it is $0.57. We have worked closely with P3 America to make sure our ads campaigns reflected the results that their team saw as well.


reduction on cost per click (CPC)


increase in conversion value per cost or return on ad spend