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1Heart Franchise is a franchise provider of senior caregiving services and a subsidiary of our marketing client 1Heart Caregiver Services LLC. This client, through its franchises, provides affordable care services to seniors. The client sought Coalition’s expertise in developing a robust, lead-generating website that will build brand awareness, improve conversion rates, have a user-friendly layout, and streamline the brand’s content.

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Where Is 1Heart and Contact Us now Section of 1Heart’s About Us Page

1Heart Franchise needed a WordPress website and digital marketing services. It should be a fast, user-friendly and informational website. To attract new franchisees, the client wanted an easy-to-complete contact form displayed on every page. Additionally, an interactive map should be visible on the website’s pages allowing users to easily locate available franchise opportunities and download the franchise kit if desired. The client also required a customized posts page, optimized copy, lead generation SEO services, and paid marketing services.


Design and Development

Our design team created navigational and functional sitemaps for the new website. After receiving client approval, mockup pages were created for the home page, category pages, and static pages. Our development and quality assurance team ensured that every page on 1heartfranchise.com was equipped with matching colors, spacing, font, and were correctly styled and arranged. Our copy team created and implemented content for all the website’s pages.

Multiple Computer Screens and Keyboards Showing Coding Information
Interactive Map for 1Heart Franchise Showing Open Franchise Locations

Contact Form and Interactive Territory Map

We wanted to ensure that prospective franchisees can access resources and contact the brand easily. Our team customized and installed a Gravity Forms template which will recognize when details entered in some fields are incomplete or incorrect. The form also has a Notes field where users can input detailed submission queries. We also installed a customized third-party interactive map via WP Store Locator, showing exclusive territories with available franchise opportunities. When a prospect clicks on each territory within the United States, they will see the available new opportunities and information related to each territory, and be able to request additional information without having to exit the page being viewed.

Home Page

Our team developed a homepage with optimized content, bold images, industry statistics, testimonials, and call-to-action buttons. Visitors are able to download the brand’s franchise kit, learn the next steps in starting a franchise, and view content on franchise funding as well as request any additional information.

Home page for 1Heart Franchise
Welcome to the 1Heart Blog Posts Page

Posts Page

A customized posts page was implemented with educational content. Users can access information on a plethora of topics including the cost, skills, and requirements of acquiring a franchise, assistance on running a franchise, as well as up to date informational articles on elderly and home care. Our team optimized the new website with content that will be detected by search engines and educational blog post articles.

Other Website Implementations

We installed Google Analytics to collect data instrumental in analyzing interactions and improving user experience. Several administrative user accounts were also created and social media channels linked. Once we completed all website implementations, our quality assurance team assessed the pages’ load speeds and performance. The new site loads quickly, is user-friendly, and has optimized content based on user behavior metrics.

bar chart showing growth
Marketing Campaign Results displayed on Tablet

Marketing Campaigns

Our marketing experts developed a marketing strategy unique to 1Heart Franchise. We conducted a thorough audit and crafted a plan of action for the brand’s SEO and PPC campaigns. After analyzing the brand’s business goals and needs, its market and competitors, and other key performance indicators (KPIs), quarterly strategies were prepared for 1Heart Franchise.

All of 1Heart website’s pages were optimized with content for search engine visibility. Our link builders successfully pursued linking opportunities. We completed several blog posts for the client and launched their Google Ads campaigns. Our team also analyzed competitors’ conversion rate optimization (CRO) efforts. The results of our analysis enabled us to implement tailored strategies to attract website visitors interested in opening a senior care franchise with 1Heart Caregiver Services and increase the number of users filling out the application form.

Final Product


The new 1Heart Franchise was launched in mid 2022. The client was very pleased with the work our team did in launching the new robust website. The client saw increases in organic sessions, organic new users, overall sessions, clicks and impressions month over month.


Increase in Organic Users


Increase in New Users


Increase in Organic Sessions

At the end of May 2023, organic users increased by more than 616%, compared to the end of November 2019. For this same comparison period, new users from organic traffic increased by 711%. 1Heart Franchise saw organic goal completion rise by 233% at May 2023 compared to November 2019. Other significant increases for the client for this comparison period include a 1,336% increase in new users, 623% increase in organic sessions, and an 800% increase in overall sessions.

Overall users increased by 1,370% at the end of May 2023. In February 2019, 1Heart ranked for 13 keywords. By the end of May 2023, they were ranking for 386 keywords in search engine results pages.