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Personalizing Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Campaigns

Shoppers in the US are projected to spend nearly $25.8 billion for Valentine’s Day. Every February is a gold rush for businesses that capitalize on a great email marketing strategy. Whether starting a campaign late or looking to put the final touches on subject lines, we have prepared the ultimate guide to help you outshine the competition on the most romantic day of the year.  

a Valentine’s Day marketing email for the School of Life

Email Marketing Best Practices For Valentine’s Day

Cutesy subject lines will only take you so far when numerous businesses are vying for your customer’s attention. Use these tried-and-tested strategies to gain a competitive edge.

Start Sending Valentine’s Day Emails In Early February

Many businesses mistakenly treat Valentine’s Day campaigns like any other holiday season, sending out emails up to a month in advance. For more effective personalized email marketing, remember that you don’t need to spend additional resources on a lengthy rollout. 

Polling shows that around 46% of shoppers wait until the last minute to pull the trigger on their purchase. Start your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign in early February to capture this rush and give your shoppers the right solution when looking for one. An early start has a few benefits:

  • Sending out your emails too early can help you be the first in line, but it also makes you vulnerable to other businesses that might lure customers in with better last-minute offers.
  • Last-minute shoppers are usually in a hurry, making it easier for your campaign to seal the deal quickly.

Make Your Valentine’s Day Emails Interactive

Personalized email marketing doesn’t have to be all business, all the time – especially on festive occasions. A little creativity can help your Valentine’s Day email marketing immerse your customers in your brand and what it stands for.

Valentine’s Day email marketing for McDonald’s

For instance, you could reach out to leads with a question:

“Which of these would bring the biggest smile to their face?” with four options, each a different product category, and a unique discount for that pick. Interactive emails don’t require a lot of extra investment, and they go a long way in showing your customers that you care.

Segment Your List For Targeted Valentine’s Emails

Every customer segment has unique needs, wants, and resources. For example, while enthusiastic, the 15-21 demographic spends a lot less on average compared to the 35-44 segment on Valentine’s Day. Make your Valentine’s Day email marketing more precise by segmenting your lists according to:

  • Age
  • Shopping history 
  • Location
  • Interaction with your brand/competitors

If your business is active on social media, you should already have a lot of data points to draw from for your personalized email marketing campaign.

Segmenting lists lets you address the pain points of each group and be more precise with messaging. For example, you can reach out to customers who have shopped at your store with discounts on complementary products. 

Tell A Love Story

Apple’s ‘Detour’ and Nike’s ‘Find Your Greatness’ are commercials exemplifying the importance of great storytelling in advertising. You can make your Valentine’s Day email marketing count with a great story, even if you kick off your campaign late in the season.

Remember that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a love story. You can celebrate friendship, gratitude, and even nostalgia. Look at the products/services your business offers to determine what kind of story works best for your brand. For example, a bakery might want to highlight the origins of its red velvet Valentine’s cake before finishing with a discount code. 

Offer Promotions To Single People, Too

As a business, you never want to exclude a large chunk of your audience if you can help; Valentine’s Day email marketing is no different. Singles have their own way of celebrating the day, whether that’s a movie binge or a cozy dinner. Make your personalized email marketing extra inclusive by helping them have a special night in their unique way!

Around 56% of shoppers will get their family members a gift this Valentine’s Day, while others will purchase something special for their pets, friends, and co-workers. Use audience segmentation to connect with these groups, and use more inclusive language like ‘your besties’ or ‘Be your own Valentine!’ to show them you’re listening.

Stay Connected After Valentine’s Day

The love doesn’t have to end with your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign. Keep it going by reaching out and showing your customers how you can improve their lives every day of the year. These connections could include:

  • A one-time discount code for people who shopped on Valentine’s.
  • A spread showing your best products available all year round.
  • An email highlighting how they can get a headstart shopping for the next big holiday.

Share The Love!

The beauty of personalized email marketing is that a single email can influence hundreds of purchases. Events like Valentine’s Day are some of the best opportunities for growing brands to build a lasting community.

Valentine’s Day email marketing for coffee

Use this Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign to promote your community-building efforts. This can be simple: a catchy and informative newsletter with creative gifting ideas or a referral program that encourages sharing with discount codes and other goodies.

Think Outside The Box

Valentine’s Day isn’t just an excellent opportunity for those in the chocolates and gifting space. Shoppers are often looking for an unorthodox gift to surprise their loved ones, and your business can capitalize on that demand just by being ready for it. 

Whether your business involves software or furniture, there is always a way to connect with your customers with email marketing on Valentine’s Day. For instance, Gamestop often drops a discount code on Valentine’s for their loyal clientele, highlighting the joy of playing solo or with a loved one.

If nothing else, you can always use your personalized email marketing campaign to thank your loyal customers for supporting you through another great year. The smallest gestures can mean a lot here. Personalize your email by mentioning the year they started following your brand, along with a small discount code.

Don’t Forget Abandoned Cart Emails

Abandoned cart emails are some of the most versatile tools for email marketers on Valentine’s Day. With these, you can: 

  • Build Trust: Last-minute shoppers often need a little push before purchasing with a new brand. You can make that conversion easier by including reviews for the abandoned product in your email.
  • Create Urgency: Demand is high, and stocks tend to run low at this time of the year. Remind your readers that time is running out before the big day, and they might miss out on the best deals if they wait too long.
  • Strengthen Relationships: Personalized email marketing allows you to build stronger bonds with each customer segment, showing them how those abandoned products can make life easier for them specifically. 

Keep It Fun

Last-minute shoppers are often stressed out and unsure whether they’ll be able to find the perfect gift in time. This is your chance to strike up a relaxed and lighthearted conversation that can relieve them of that stress and offer them a no-brainer solution.

Many brands make the mistake of maintaining a serious tone in their marketing emails, even on Valentine’s Day, and alienate would-be customers. Remember that you don’t want to come off as too salesy here. Take a look at this email from Goldbelly! They’ve used a fun blend of colors and catchy copy mixed with mouth-watering imagery to create an impression lasting long after Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day email marketing for Goldbelly

Include A Special Valentine’s Day Offer

A significant discount isn’t just ‘nice-to-have’ for events like Valentine’s Day; it’s something customers expect. Something as simple as free delivery can help drive your sales up in the weeks leading up to the holiday. Similarly, you can encourage your shoppers to spread love (and brand awareness!) by including a ‘Buy One Get One’ offer in your personalized marketing emails. 

Your Best Campaign Starts Here

Whether it’s the winter holidays or Valentine’s Day, successful email marketing requires a strategy that maximizes your brand’s strengths. With some planning, creativity, and personality, you can share the love with your subscribers this Valentine’s Day.

If you’d like assistance with your email campaign, let an expert marketing agency help you. Coalition Technologies helps its clients dominate the holiday season with our regularly tested strategies. Contact us today for a free consultation to get started.

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