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Robust Knowledge of Restrictions

When writing about kratom, there are several important guidelines from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that must be followed. At Coalition Technologies, we stay up-to-date on all regulations surrounding kratom and have thorough knowledge of what can and cannot be published.


It is vital to understand kratom and the restrictions surrounding the ethnobotanical’s sale and usage when providing kratom SEO services.

  • Kratom contains alkaloids, which are chemical compounds that have a physiological effect on humans.
  • You can acknowledge kratom has certain effects, but do not make any medical claims.
  • We are well-versed in leveraging search trends around the effects of kratom without running afoul of the FDA’s guidelines.
  • Kratom vendors should include a disclaimer referencing the FDA’s stance on kratom.
  • Well-versed in the unique effects kratom in all forms can have, we are prepared to supply kratom marketing services in accordance with FDA regulations.


Kratom is not legal to sell for human consumption, so it’s important to never suggest or imply consumption while capturing kratom SEO value.

  • References to dosage, for example, suggest consumption and should be avoided.
  • Statements such as “drinking kratom tea” are not allowed.
  • Any mention of taste or flavor implies consumption.
  • We can assist in ensuring your website is compliant with FDA regulations.

Medical Claims

The FDA has not found any evidence that kratom has therapeutic benefits, so any references to kratom healing, treating, or curing any medical illnesses or conditions are not allowed.

  • Kratom cannot be referred to as a pain reliever; instead, you can use terms such as “discomfort.”
  • Despite any potential kratom SEO gain, you cannot mention kratom as a solution to opiate addiction.
  • Kratom can ease a busy mind, but cannot ease anxiety.
  • It’s better to speak about kratom as a “wellness” supplement rather than apply it to any medical scenario.
  • As industry experts, we can communicate kratom’s benefits to your customers without violating FDA rules.

Resolve Payment Processor Challenges

Many kratom vendors encounter difficulty during the approval process for payment processors. The restrictions around kratom and the rapidly fluctuating legal landscape can cause unwanted delays or rejections. Coalition Technologies has experience operating within these situations in addition to providing kratom SEO marketing services.

Navigate Kratom Legality

Kratom is technically legal at the federal level, but is not legal in all American states and cities. Local and state governments frequently enact new laws restricting or opening up restrictions around kratom. We can be extremely agile, adapting to changing legislation and leveraging the dynamic state of legality into new content and link-building opportunities.

Market Alternative Herbs

Our industry knowledge is not limited to kratom– we are more than able to cover a variety of alternative herbs in the wellness and supplement industries. Coalition Technologies’ experience supplying kratom SEO services seamlessly transfers to alternative herbs, as they often share similar legal situations and target audiences. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, kava, blue lotus, kanna, and akuamma.


Kava is harvested from the Piper methysticum plant native to islands in the South Pacific.

  • Kava is legal in the United States for personal use and is officially classified by the FDA as a dietary supplement.
  • Kava bars have grown in popularity in the United States, especially as an alternative to bars serving alcohol.
  • Attention to detail is key, but due to kava’s legal status, there are fewer SEO restrictions involved than with kratom.
  • Research on kava’s benefits and effects has resulted in mixed findings, both in support of and against its use.
  • We can apply our industry knowledge to improve your kava SEO in addition to kratom marketing.

Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus is not approved for human consumption in the United States, nor is it regulated by the FDA.

  • Despite not being approved for human consumption, blue lotus is not a controlled substance according to the Drug Enforcement Agency.
  • Blue lotus is legal in every state in the U.S. except for Louisiana.
  • You must not make any medical claims or suggest ingestion of blue lotus.
  • Similar to kratom SEO copy, you must be very careful with how blue lotus is marketed due to FDA rules.
  • We provide the necessary attention to detail to market blue lotus in the United States.


Kanna is a plant indigenous to South Africa. It is not regulated nor controlled at the federal level in the United States. 

  • Kanna is also known as channa, kougoed, and Mesembryanthemum tortuosum.
  • Kanna is not legal in every U.S. state- and it is prohibited in Louisiana.
  • As with kratom marketing, you must not make any health claims regarding kanna usage.
  • Referring to kanna as any form of treatment for anxiety is prohibited.
  • Like our approach to kratom SEO, we are able to capture marketing value around kanna without making statements breaching FDA guidelines.


Akuamma is a botanical from the Picralima nitida tree, native to parts of tropical Africa and is often compared to kratom.

  • Akuamma is not federally regulated, and is not approved by the FDA for internal use
  • The legal landscape around akuamma is relatively stable.
  • Despite being compared to kratom, akuamma possesses its own unique alkaloid profile.
  • The FDA does not approve of akuamma for any medical usage.
  • We provide expert herbal supplement SEO services with metrics-driven results that can be applied to akuamma.
Kratora case study


This kratom specialist expanded their inventory to include kratom-alternatives as well as CBD oils. Organic sessions have improved month over month by 16% while seeing a monthly organic revenue of $133k.


We have experience with kratom SEO in all forms– powder, capsules, extracts, liquid, edibles, and drinkables. Industry knowledge is vital to emphasizing what makes each form of kratom unique without breaching FDA regulations on what can and cannot be said about kratom. Elevate your SEO and contact us today for your kratom marketing needs.