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Whether you need B2B ecommerce marketing or B2B ecommerce development, Coalition has the expertise you need.

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We Craft Exceptional B2B Shopping Experiences

The ideal B2B ecommerce experience balances the normalized consumer shopping behaviors familiar to your clients and the more rigorous standards for B2B buying scenarios.

Coalition works with the world’s leading ecommerce platforms for B2B merchants, including BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and more, to help scope, design, and implement that ideal blend for you.

B2B Ecommerce Offerings

You may be wondering, why choose Coalition Technologies? What’s so great about our ecommerce web design company?

Coalition can help you achieve these common, but complex, B2B ecommerce requirements:

  • Segmented pricing and inventory.
  • Differentiated checkout, shipping, and payment experiences, including net30, minimum ordering requirements, authorized buyers, and more.
  • Sales rep draft orders and quotes, customer assignment, and commission tracking.
  • Unique B2B content offerings, inclusive of video, photo, and text content.
  • New B2B customer account application.
  • B2B customer lead generation through SEO, PPC, email and more.

Our B2B Ecommerce Design and Development Services


Platform Identification

Choosing the right ecommerce platform for your website is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make. And with so many aggressive marketing campaigns trying to convince you of the ‘best one’, you need an independent expert to help you evaluate the available selections. Coalition’s strategists will work with you to define and nuance a scope of work before making a platform recommendation.


Project Planning

Every successful B2B ecommerce project traces its success back to an effective planning session before it was initiated. There are just too many moving parts to not meaningfully evaluate and document what needs to happen and when, if you’re building an ecommerce B2B site.


Graphic and Web Design

B2B websites don’t have to be ugly. Just because your customers are stepping up from black and white faxes, doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice on design and user experience in your new store. Our world class graphic design team will ensure that your B2B site represents you well.


Development and QA

Coalition is home to some of the world’s best ecommerce developers and they love working on B2B projects with our clients. They’ll take the various assets and plans created in prior phases of your scope of work and bring them to life in efficient, bug free code.

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B2B Agency Services

B2B-focused SEO

B2B-Focused SEO

Many search engine optimization firms don’t understand the differences in keyword expressions that drive results to B2B ecommerce websites. We do. A leader in B2B and D2C ecommerce SEO, Coalition can help you find the right audiences online and rank well for the search terms they use.

Email Marketing for B2B

Email Marketing for B2B

Coalition’s team of writers, designers, email strategy specialists, and developers will ensure that your email lists are growing, segmented productively, and driving the outcomes you want.

PPC for B2B Results

PPC for B2B Results

We have a great group of PPC specialists ready to support you in paid social advertising, paid search advertising, remarketing, and more.

Support and Maintenance for B2B Websites

Support and Maintenance for B2B Websites

Every site needs a little love now and then, even well built B2B ecommerce sites. Let us help you maintain and update your ecommerce site.

We’ve Built More Than 200 Ecommerce Websites view our portfolio

B2B Ecommerce FAQs

Got questions about running a B2B ecommerce website? Here are some answers to the most common ones we field!

Can you integrate my ecommerce website with {INSERT SOFTWARE HERE}?

Yes. Usually. Most modern ecommerce website builders have robust APIs that integrate well with 3rd party software solutions. Usually, the hang up is on out of date software elsewhere. Just let us know what you want to integrate and we’ll help evaluate how well that integration will work.

Has your team done any B2B ecommerce websites before?

Absolutely! We have dozens of B2B clients ranging from manufacturers, to distributors, wholesalers, and more! Our teams have worked in most verticals and are ready to support you today. Click here to view our portfolio.

What’s the best ecommerce platform for B2B companies?

The answer is a very succinct, “it depends”. The ecommerce platform market is increasingly competitive with feature rich offerings from major players like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, VTEX, Salesforce and more.

Where do most ecommerce B2B projects go sideways?

A lack of proper scoping and planning is usually the biggest problem for B2B ecommerce initiatives. A lot of B2B companies do a surface level scoping only with platform sales reps and miss out on some key features or processes that are critical to their business. We’ll help you identify and plan properly to avoid those traps.

What size of B2B business do you typically work with?

Coalition frequently supports B2B businesses with revenue between $1M and $10M annually, although we have several clients who are far north of that.

How long does your typical B2B ecommerce engagement last?

Most B2B websites are launched within 4 months of a project starting, but many of our clients continue to work with us on maintenance and marketing initiatives thereafter.


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“Coalition helped me to design a fantastic website for my business and also was able to show me how to drive traffic to my site through their SEO services. Thank you. I highly recommend Joel and his team!”

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