Coalition is a Featured Buy with Prime Partner!

Coalition is a Featured Buy with Prime Partner!

For almost fifteen years, we’ve been hard at work rewriting the digital marketing playbook with every new campaign. Working with hundreds of clients to generate millions in annual revenue, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the leading digital marketing agency for e-commerce. We’re always happy to be recognized for our work, and this month, Amazon has honored us by featuring Coalition Technologies in the Buy with Prime Partner Spotlight. 

A Better Way to Sell

At Coalition Technologies, we were all very excited to hear about the launch of Buy with Prime. We’re always looking for better ways to find new audiences for our e-commerce clients. Buy with Prime allows us to leverage our unique skillset with Amazon’s robust nationwide infrastructure.

  • Build Trust Faster: Finding new customers is risky and expensive for new e-commerce brands. Online shoppers are reluctant to shop with unknown brands, making finding the momentum a growing business needs challenging.

    Buy with Prime takes what Amazon does at scale – and does exceptionally well – and allows merchants to onboard Amazon’s power to their store. Being able to display the Prime logo on their store lets merchants tap into the goodwill and trust that shoppers associate with Amazon.

  • Lower Customer Acquisition Costs (CACs): Along with building trust, one of the best ways to lower customer acquisition costs is to increase repeat purchases.

    Through Buy with Prime, merchants have the power to retain order/customer information that they can then use for remarketing. Every time a customer buys from your store, you build a stronger relationship with them, and acquisition costs decrease with every new purchase.

    As the leading digital marketing agency in the e-commerce space, we’re uniquely positioned to reach potential repeat customers through email, social media, and paid ads. This synergy allows us to get faster results and significantly higher ROI than the competition.

  • Enhanced Social Selling: Social media doesn’t have to be the Wild West when working with an experienced agency. We’re using Social Ads for Buy with Prime to streamline ad creation and increase conversion rates with pinpoint precision.

    Social Ads for Buy with Prime allows us to create Instagram and Facebook ads featuring the Buy with Prime badge and the merchant’s catalog. Backed by Meta’s powerful Conversion API, we can design advertisements that are more likely to drive conversions and help you maximize your marketing budget.

Buy with Prime Spotlight

Using Buy with Prime for new customer acquisition, we already see increased conversion rates, higher average order values, and better returns on ad spend. We’ve even been able to drive new and repeat conversions during high-pressure sales events like Prime Day and Black Friday.

We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of what’s possible for merchants through Buy with Prime, and we’re excited to push the limits even further. 

Check out the Buy with Prime Partner Spotlight to learn how Coalition Technologies is transforming e-commerce for our clients.

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