What Is Buy With Prime and How Does It Work?

What Is Buy With Prime and How Does It Work?

What Is Buy With Prime and How Does It Work?

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In the ecommerce world, Amazon Prime offers a top-notch shopping experience for its over 200 million members. Buy With Prime is a new feature from Amazon that enables stores to sell products on their own website while reaping the benefits of Amazon Prime.

Buy With Prime lets your ecommerce business offer Amazon’s secure checkout process, one to two-day shipping, and hassle-free returns to customers already shopping on your site without redirecting them to purchase from the Amazon store page. 

Let the Amazon ecommerce experts at Coalition Technologies show you how Buy With Prime works, why it’s beneficial, and how to start using it.

What Is Buy With Prime?

Buy With Prime is an Amazon service that lets Prime members enjoy their membership benefits on other ecommerce websites. This service became widely available to U.S. companies in early 2023.

Amazon’s new service is a win-win for consumers and businesses. Shoppers buy your company’s products securely and reliably through Amazon. Your business gains Amazon’s help with fulfillment, shipping, and returns. 

Why Is Buy With Prime Valuable?

  • It provides an amazing customer acquisition opportunity- Over half of US shoppers start their initial product search in Amazon, which means the Buy with Prime badge is instantly recognizable and it indicates a familiar shopping experience to prospective consumers. 
  • Merchants who offer Buy with Prime on their website have seen a 25% increase in conversions on average.
  • Buy with Prime merchants will be able to run ads with Amazon Ads’ third-party networks (streaming, content, entertainment sites, etc.). Merchants can run remarketing OR even target competitors on Amazon.
  • Amazon reviews are featured on Buy with Prime pages, which helps in building more credibility and trust with customers. In fact, results have shown that merchants who added Reviews from Amazon to their site experienced a 38% increase in shopper conversion.
  • Extend shipping opportunities up to December 23rd for the holiday season with Amazon shipping windows.
  • Multi-location inventory – if you run out of product in your warehouse, you can still sell through the store if you’ve got stock in the Amazon warehouse.
  • Fast, free shipping to incentivize Prime members.
  • Simplified fulfillment of orders.
  • Amazon account / Amazon Pay checkout is available.
  • Amazon handles free returns on eligible products.
  • …and much more!

Is Buy With Prime Right for My Business?

Buy With Prime offers many benefits, but it’s not the answer for every seller. Here’s what to consider before your ecommerce business signs up for Buy With Prime.


  • You Must Have a US-Based Business: Currently, Buy With Prime is only available for businesses operating in the United States.
  • Have an Ecommerce Website: You’ll need an ecommerce website to implement the Buy With Prime service.
  • You’ll Need Connected Amazon Accounts: Amazon requires sellers to have either an Amazon Supply Chain or Professional Seller Central account and an Amazon Pay account to use Buy With Prime.

Other Considerations:

  • Selling Products in a High Units Per Order (UPO) Category: Buy With Prime provides the best results for popular online shopping categories such as apparel, personal care, sporting goods, consumables, and home-related products. If your business isn’t in the previously mentioned categories, it can still use Buy With Prime.
  • A Wide Range of Products:  Buy With Prime encourages customers to buy additional products before the check-out process is over. Having a variety of products lets shoppers find other items to put in their Buy With Prime carts.
  • You Need an Optimized Cart System: If a confusing or difficult shopping experience holds your business back, Buy With Prime’s optimized cart could solve your problems.

Buy With Prime’s Features

An explanation of what Buy With Prime is from a popular personal care company called Dr. Squatch.

Buy With Prime works to offer Amazon’s trusted and fast checkout process on other websites. Customers save time and get what they want without delay. Plus, you can offer lighting-fast one to two-day shipping. These factors, among others, have helped Amazon generate billions of revenue during the year. In fact, they generated approximately $12.09 billion on Prime Day in 2022.

Besides a smooth checkout process, other features of Buy With Prime include:

  • 24-hour support for your shoppers and your company
  • Access to shopper contact information to build and nurture relationships
  • Buy With Prime’s marketing toolkit for more views, clicks, and conversions

How Much Does It Cost?

Buy With Prime uses a type of pay-as-you-go model instead of a monthly flat fee. Here’s an easy-to-understand look at how Buy With Prime works from an expense perspective.

Prime Service Fee

This expense gives you access to the Buy With Prime marketing toolkit. The Prime service fee also lets you display Amazon customer reviews on your website (a huge benefit to new websites in need of customer reviews).

Cost: 3% of an order’s value ($1.50 minimum charge per order)

Payment Processing Fee

This expense gives your business access to Amazon’s world-class checkout experience.

Cost: 2.4% of an order’s value and $0.30 per transaction 

Fulfillment Fee

The fulfillment fee covers Amazon safely storing, packing, and shipping your products. Instead of a per-order expense, Amazon charges fulfillment fees based on units fulfilled and how many cubic feet of storage your items need.

Cost: $5.38 per unit fulfilled and $0.87 per cubic foot of storage space used each month

How To Set Up Buy With Prime on Different Platforms

Now that you know what Buy With Prime is, you can start enjoying everything it offers. Here’s how to set this service up on the most popular platforms.


  1. Log in to your Shopify admin page.
  2. Install the Buy With Prime app through Shopify’s admin.
  3. Go to “Shopify Payments” > “Wallets” > “Add Amazon Pay”
  4. Connect Buy With Prime to your Amazon Seller Central or Multi-Channel Fulfillment account.
  5. Grab the SKUs from Buy With Prime products, and add them to your Shopify catalog.
  6. Double-check that Buy With Prime is live on your Shopify product pages.


  1. Log in to your BigCommerce store page.
  2. From your admin page’s side panel, select “Apps” > “Marketplace”
  3. On the Marketplace, find and install the Buy With Prime app.
  4. Click “Confirm” to install Buy With Prime.

Don’t worry if your ecommerce provider isn’t on this list. The image below shows what ESPs Buy With Prime is currently compatible with.

A table showing if and how Buy With Prime works with other platforms

How Long Does It Take To Implement Buy With Prime?

Setting up Buy With Prime is typically fast and easy. Exact setup times vary based on your website and the number of products you offer through Buy With Prime. If you know what products you plan to offer, setting up Buy With Prime in under 30 minutes is possible.

Most of the implementation time comes from choosing and importing Buy With Prime-enabled products from your store. 

Maximizing Buy With Prime’s Benefits

If Buy With Prime’s fast shipping and easy returns aren’t enticing enough, a few things might change your mind. Here’s a look at a few bonus perks of Buy With Prime. 

Social Ads for Buy With Prime

When your business uses Buy With Prime, it gains access to Social Ads for Buy with Prime. This ad creation and monitoring tool automatically creates ads for your business. It also can include the Buy With Prime image in your ad images.

Prime Day

Amazon Prime has become such a retail giant that it even has its own holiday! Prime Day typically takes place in July. There’s also a second holiday called Prime Big Deal Days, which looks to become an October tradition.

During Prime Day 2023, Amazon sold $13 billion worth of products! As Amazon’s shopping events arrive, you can offer exclusive Prime holiday-related discounts for your shoppers.

Collection Pages

A Buy With Prime collection page

You can showcase many Prime-eligible products with a Buy With Prime collection page. A collection page lets shoppers see your company’s Buy With Prime products. Think of it as an online store dedicated only to products you offer through Buy With Prime.

Let Coalition Help

Need some assistance setting up Buy With Prime or achieving better ecommerce results? Hundreds of companies trust the metric-driven marketing of Coalition Technologies. We’re a team of expert ecommerce professionals dedicated to your company’s success. Contact us today and let us help grow your business.

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