Klaviyo is Dropping Kratom Brands: What You Should Know

Klaviyo is Dropping Kratom Brands: What You Should Know

As of March 7th, Klaviyo started an ‘unofficial’ cleansing of Kratom products from their platform. They are discontinuing their support for brands that sell Kratom products on their platform and if your brand hasn’t been impacted, it’s important to understand this isn’t a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

At this time there is no set date when all Kratom merchants will be removed from the platform. Klaviyo has been notifying these brands individually to let them know they have 30 days from that date to get what they need out of their account. On the 31st day, Klaviyo is completely shutting brands out of their accounts.

What Should You Do?

This move is leaving more and more merchants scrambling to find a new platform. To get ahead, we recommend migrating to an alternative email service provider (ESP) as soon as possible. Some important aspects to consider when migrating are:

  • Ensuring kratom is compliant with the platform’s policies
  • Finding a compatible ESP that offers the right features
  • Maintaining data integrity for all of your custom profiles and user information for personalization
  • Most importantly, preparing the new ESP for Gmail and Yahoo (DMARC) and warming up the new sending domain to maintain good deliverability.

Remember, an efficient migration has the benefit of reducing the risk to a minimum, which means the impact on your revenue should be minimal if this process is done correctly.

How Coalition Can Help 

Migrations are hardly a good time, but the email team at Coalition Technologies can help! Here are some key services we offer:

  • Selection and introduction of alternative ESPs, including the arrangement of free demo calls.
  • Assist in either a full or partial migration that consists of:
    • Initializing your new ESP
    • Run data integrity inspection to retrieve and preserve valuable customer data.
    • Setting up Gmail as well as Yahoo compliance (DMARC authentication)
    • The creation of an email template and subscription migrations (or a complete design overhaul)
    • Our team saves you the hassle and provides a full 1:1 migration of your email lists and automation campaigns. This can save your team time, money, and help you avoid headaches and costly mistakes.

Partner with Us

From handing ESP migrations to designing completely brand-new, optimized websites, Coalition Technologies is equipped to handle all of your digital marketing needs. We have over 700+ case studies on ecommerce and lead generation B2C and B2B clients across several industries that prove the work we deliver is nothing short of stellar. Reach out to one of our knowledgeable Digital Strategists today and see how Coalition can help your business thrive.

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