DRG Definitive Dental


Definitive Dental located in Grand Prairie, Texas provides its patients with the latest in dental care services. The client contacted Coalition to promote the services offered, grow their website traffic and goal completions, and improve their keyword ranking positions. Coalition Technologies is a top digital marketing agency that has helped many brands grow. We performed SEO, PPC, Email & SMS Marketing services for this dental office. Within the first twenty seven months of working with us, organic new users grew by 779%, overall new users increased by 739%, and overall goal completions increased by more than 155%. DRG Definitive Dental’s SMS audience grew more than 30%. Click rate for the brand’s monthly email newsletters averaged up to 3%, higher than the industry average click rate of 1.2%.

See how Coalition helped Definitive Dental grow their traffic, new users, sessions, and goal completions.


DRG Dentistry dba Definitive Dental provides specialty dental services to people of all ages in its state of the art office. The owners launched its website definitivedental.com two years prior to working with Coalition, but needed help in growing their brand, promoting the services offered, and generating new leads. Having worked with other marketing agencies, the practice did not see much growth in its key performance indicators (KPIs). We conducted an audit of the website which revealed no HTML sitemap, duplicate content were on category and blog pages, many of the images had no file names, missing headers and alt attributes, missing breadcrumbs schema, and slow page speed.

The client shared some of the goals they had for the marketing campaigns. Among them were growing new patients from 20 to at least 50 each month, improved ranking for related keyword queries in the local and surrounding areas, improved lead generation conversions, and improved website metrics. Some of the keywords targeted were: how to soothe itchy gums, grand prairie dentist, itchy gums, veneers grand prairie, dentures grand prairie tx, and affordable dental grand prairie tx.

Definitive Dental also faced challenges in engaging subscribers who signed to their monthly newsletters. There was no regular cadence of email and SMS communication. The client wanted to improve the brand’s communication across email and SMS that will remind existing and prospective patients of dental procedures, keep them updated with new or special offers, and monthly tips.


We conducted thorough keyword research to identify the most valuable terms searched by qualified leads. We also rewrote and expanded the Bing Maps for Enterprise API section of Microsoft.com with SEO-optimized content, including information for location intelligence, routing, and logistics. We began a targeted pay-per-click campaign and implemented conversion rate optimization updates as well.

Website Improvements

Our team made improvements to definitivedental.com. We added a custom and user-friendly Appointment form that allows patients to schedule their next visit, join the dental office’s mailing list, and request additional information all within a few minutes. Updates were made to improve mobile view and responsiveness. The homepage was amended to showcase the state of the art office and the specialty services offered. We developed and implemented a custom blog post template on the website and updated their video and FAQ schema.

We added several pages including the SureSmile, Dentures Implant, Dental Crowns and Bridges, Veneers, Welcome and Smile Makeover pages. An interactive Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) map was added and a pop-up was installed to allow users to add their email addresses to the practice’s email list.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO experts added optimized descriptions in the client’s Google Business Profile, i.e., users are able to quickly view the office’s address, phone number, business hours, and payment methods accepted. We developed a keyword strategy for Definitive Dental which included a keyword map, priority pages for specific keywords, and ongoing analysis strategy. We tracked the performance of each keyword, analyzed changes in the keywords over time and how the changes impacted the website’s SEO performance and search visibility, and developed future search optimization strategies.

Definitivedental.com’s link profile needed to be improved as its business profile was not pronounced across various websites. To build the best link building strategy for the practice, we analyzed the practice’s and its competitors’ link profiles. Spammy links were removed, and links directed to missing pages or redirects were taken out or updated. We pursued additional Public Relations (PR) opportunities and added high authority links. Definitive Dental’s link profile improved with the addition of several high authority links with credible outlets.

Paid Ads

We created several PPC specific landing pages and launched several campaigns for Definitive Dentistry. Several smart, performance max, and retargeting ads were created to further grow the brand’s metrics including lead acquisition, lead conversion, and connection rates. Other paid ad campaigns launched were Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads.

Email And SMS Marketing

Our email and SMS marketing team created automations for the brand’s new and current patients. We used split automation to segment new patients from existing patients, and delivered the best personalized email campaigns. We also prepared an email and SMS marketing calendar for Definitive Dental. A monthly appointment reminder was created for up to 7 procedures to help with repeated patient attendance.

Final Product


The client’ goals included growing their goal completions, website traffic, and improved keyword ranking. Definitive Dental has seen tremendous growth since our marketing campaigns began. Two years later, organic users increased by 778%. Similarly, new users from organic traffic increased by 805%. Overall goal completions have increased by 155%. Definitive Dental’s organic sessions grew by 631% and overall new users by 739%. At the start of the campaign, Definitive Dental had 462 ranking keywords. Two years later, Definitive Dental had more than 11,100 ranking keywords.


Organic Users

Increase two years after launch


New Users

Increase from organic traffic


Organic Sessions


Within the first year August 2022 to February 2021, Definitive Dental’s overall traffic has seen a 378% increase in new users along with a 272% increase in sessions. Goal completions have grown by 131% within this comparison period. Comparing the six months ending June 2023 to the six month period ending December 2022, conversion rate has grown by more than 78%. The brand has also seen reduction in its cost per conversion rate.

In one year, our efforts grew the practice’s SMS audience by 30%. Click rate for SMS campaigns rose to 12%. Monthly email newsletters have seen a 3% click rate, exceeding the industry’s average click rate of 1.2%.