Zaza THC supplies various custom collections of HHC, THC-P, Delta-8 THC products, and a wide array of the best cannabinoids. The brand supplies the highest quality THC cartridges, disposables and gummies, as well as branded merchandise. Additionally, Zaza prides itself in giving back to the community through its collaboration with local businesses and charitable organizations including the Love My Neighbor Foundation and The Last Prisoner Project. The client wanted to help grow their brand and contacted Coalition to assist them. Coalition Technologies is a leading SEO services company in the United States, and has helped many brands achieve and exceed their marketing goals.

See how we helped Zaza THC triple its subscriber base, increase click and open rates, and grow revenue and organic traffic through marketing campaigns.


In early 2023, Zaza contacted us wanting to grow their brand. They had some clear key performance indicators (KPIs) for our partnership. They expressed interest in launching email campaigns (e.g., abandoned cart, new visitor sign up, and promos) to assist with growing their brand.

Zaza THC faced challenges in growing its customer base and revenue. As a newly formed company, they had less than 300 contacts in their email list. Our team created a marketing strategy that would grow and nurture the brand’s email channel audience with engaging content, and hopefully increase the purchase and consumption of Zaza’s products. Our team created an email strategy that takes into account personalization, sending cadence, and content that will resonate with the audience and produce conversions.


Search Engine Optimizations(SEO)

For our SEO campaigns, we developed a strategy that would: a) increase organic traffic, revenue, and conversions; b) decrease bounce rate, c) improve comparable keyword ranking versus competitors, and d) improve user experience. We designed and created a new mega menu and upgraded the previous filtering functionality of the website. Users can now find the products more easily. We added product notifications to enhance shoppers’ experiences. When shoppers select a product that is out of stock, they have an option to submit their email addresses and receive notification when the product is available. has an interactive map of the United States that notifies users of the legality of THC and HHC in their states. By selecting each state’s dropdown menu, users are able to view additional information on the state’s THC and HHC laws. The website’s Legality page notifies shoppers of the states with regulations restricting the sale of their products.

Our team researched industry best practices, the competitive landscape, and the best keywords. We also analyzed the website’s structure, installed Google Analytics, and added the website to Bing Webmaster. These were done to make the websites’ content visible to both search engines and people regardless of the support of JavaScript / cookies, and to capture and retain data for measuring marketing and business goals.

Our copy and content team identified duplicate content across the website, and ensured that the content is consistently refreshed for topical relevance. Content and landing pages added were optimized based on user-behaviors. Our link builders analyzed the brand’s backlinks to ensure that the links were pointed to high quality, non-competitive resources on other websites.

Technical improvements made to the website included the addition of title tags, meta descriptions, and alt text attributes to images and videos. We also optimized pagination and search results URLs.

Email Marketing

The client wanted to increase subscriber count and conversions, as well as improve retention and abandoned cart rates. They wanted their email campaigns to have engaging educational content that subscribers will want to read, rather than just sales content.

For list growth, we installed a sign up pop-up with an incentive. Website visitors that signed up for the email list were rewarded with a coupon that can be applied to their next purchase. The embedded footer form was also optimized to match the incentive in the pop-up.

Email template introducing the Knockout Blend Collection for Zaza THC
Thanks for joining us Welcome Email announcement with 23% off coupon

Our email marketing team designed and implemented a regular sending cadence of email campaigns to inform the brand’s email subscribers of product/collection highlights, product launches, upcoming promotions, and other educational content.

We analyzed the website’s users behaviors and implemented a series of high-converting email automations to further capitalize on the customer journey. Our email marketing team implemented welcome series, abandoned cart, and abandoned journey email automations to encourage conversions.

Final Product


Zaza’s SEO campaigns started in January 2023. At the end of July 2023, the brand saw increases in its new and returning users. Organic new users increased by 16% at the end of July compared to June 2023. Organic engagement rate at the end of July 2023 was 67.14%, outperforming overall traffic users. At the end of July 2023, Zaza saw improvements in its bounce rate as well as the ranking positions for many of its keywords.

Since the implementation of the pop-up on the website’s pages, ZAZA’s subscriber list has grown more than 300%. Within the first six months of the email marketing campaigns, the brand saw its contact lists grow from 300 to more than 1,000 subscribers. Regular and engaging email campaigns have helped ZAZA maintain its relationship with its current subscribers and grow its pool of subscribers.


Within the first six months of the brand’s email marketing campaigns, open rates grew to 40%. Click rates for its campaigns ranged from 1.85% in some campaigns, and up to 2.4% in others. Revenue for email campaigns has comprised 30-40% of monthly total revenue.