Case Studies

  • CoreCBD

    We built a new WordPress site for this CBD oil company, who also offers a wide range of CBD products that include edibles, vape juices, and topical creams. They also signed on for our SEO services and have seen a 240% increase in organic sessions and a 376% increase in organic revenue in 9 months.

  • Eighty Six Brand

    This Delta-8 THC retailer offers cartridges and gummies to their customers. After just 5 months of our SEO practices specifically tailored for Cannabis clients, they have seen their organic revenue increase by 980% with organic traffic increasing by 829%.

  • The Cones Factory

    This B2B rolling paper company offers custom orders to dispensaries, growers, and processors. After just 4 months with us, we increased their organic traffic by 309% and their organic revenue by 1,986%.

  • The Kratom Co.

    Founded by kratom enthusiasts, this online retailer promises high quality and effective strains of kratom. After 6 months of starting our SEO campaign for this kratom client, they have seen a 3,742% increase in organic revenue along with a 424% increase in organic traffic.

  • Ozark MMJ Cards

    This Arkansas medical marijuana card company offers affordable and quality service for those in medical need of cannabis. With our SEO services for cannabis and CBD, in just 9 months, organic sessions have increased by 693% when compared to last year.

  • Wonderfully Hempful

    This family-owned business produces all of their products in Colorado and offers a variety of CBD and cannabinoid products. After just one month with us, organic sessions increased by 97% and revenue increased by 828%.

  • Kanavia Organics

    This CBD line was founded by a female physician’s assistant who discovered that CBD products offered her client and herself with a remedy for certain ailments with little to no down side. Six months after starting with us, Kanavia Organics has experiences a 174% increase in organic traffic and a 53% increase in organic revenue.

  • Texas 420 Doctors

    This Texas telehealth practice offers holistic and medical cannabis health care. After just 2 months with us, Texas 420 Doctors saw a 71% increase in goal completions and a 92% increase in organic traffic.

  • Chill Paws

    This pet CBD company started after their cat, Monia, began to get sick and have anxiety when his owners took a road trip. They offer a full spectrum of CBD products to help pets. After 5 months with us, Chill Paws organic traffic increased by 121% with organic revenue increasing by 116%.

  • Invincibowl

    Created by a mechanical engineer, Invincibowl is a bowl that will not break and has an easy to use and replace screen. After 4 months of SEO for this bong retailer, organic traffic has increased by 52% with organic revenue increasing by 20%.

  • KING’s Pipe

    This smoking store offers high quality bongs, vaporizers, and smoking accessories. After 4 months with us, compared to last year, organic revenue has increased by 97% and organic traffic has increased by 46%.

  • CanEx Delivery

    This cannabis delivery service in California boasts of being the highest rated in the state. After just 4 months with us, organic sessions are up by 46% and organic revenue is up by 190%.

  • Green Gorilla

    This lifestyle brand was the first to offer customers certified organic CBD products. After 6 months of our SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Email Marketing services, Green Gorilla’s organic revenue increased by 74% while their overall traffic increased by 65%.

  • Kratom Country

    Founded in 2009, this kratom company promotes overall wellness through holistic practices. After 8 months of our SEO practices, Kratom Country has seen a 694% increase in organic traffic and a 133% increase in organic revenue.

  • EndoCoast

    This holistic and transparent company sells quality CBD oils, edibles, and pet products. With our expert SEO strategies for the CBD industry, organic search traffic increased by 141% and organic conversions increased by 100%.