Chill Paws

Client: Chill Paws


Website Focus: Ecommerce

Website Platform: Shopify

Services Provided: SEO

Business Type: Business to Business, Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Pet Food & Medicine, Pets & Animals, Cannabis & CBD

Case Summary: This pet CBD company started after their cat, Monia, began to get sick and have anxiety when his owners took a road trip. They offer a full spectrum of CBD products to help pets. After 5 months with us, Chill Paws organic traffic increased by 121% with organic revenue increasing by 116%.

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After experiencing good conversion rates, they wanted help to drive more traffic to their site. In addition to increasing their traffic, they wanted to increase brand awareness and eventually expand into the B2B market.

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Some of the work we have completed so far to help Chill Paws reach their goals includes compressing images, fixing meta data issues, and adding a wholesale tab to begin their goal of breaking into the B2B sector. We have also written optimized copy, obtained online PR article links, and added more tracking into their analytics so that we could target their best audience.

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After 5 months with us, Chill Paws’ yearly organic traffic increased by 121% and overall traffic increased by 104%. Organic revenue increased by 116% and overall revenue increased by 115%.

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