Case Studies

  • Whole Woof

    This husband and wife run an organic dog products company and wanted to launch their new website into a platform for generating brand awareness, as well as organic traffic and conversions. Here’s how Coalition helped them reach their goals.

  • NHV Natural Pet Products

    This global retailer manufactures and sells holistic products for pets. In addition to natural remedies, the site also offers advice from pet professionals including veterinarians. Compared to last year they saw a monthly organic traffic increase of 119% and revenue has increased by 94% from $80k to $155k.

  • Chill Paws

    This pet CBD company started after their cat, Monia, began to get sick and have anxiety when his owners took a road trip. They offer a full spectrum of CBD products to help pets. After 5 months with us, Chill Paws organic traffic increased by 121% with organic revenue increasing by 116%.

  • K9 Critical Care

    BigCommerce website design was elevated to a whole new level for our four legged friends with this project.

  • The Dog Bakery

    Who let the dogs out? We’re not sure! But we are sure that a lot more of them are eating The Dog Bakery treats after we launched their new web store.

  • Dog for Dog

    If you have a message or a product that needs to be heard or seen, you want the best search marketers on your side.

  • Bob & Lush

    This UK dog food company was started to take care of two family dogs: Bob and Lush. These dog lovers created a new dog food that would be a better and healthier alternative. They wanted to make sure all dogs (and their owners) had access to their product.

  • Todd’s BBI

    They call themselves the “Bone Brokers”, and they offer the best quality dog treats to manufacturers. They came to Coalition and signed up for our Retainer services to make some necessary improvements to their site. Some updates we made included fixing clickable images and displaying calls to action.