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Since 2014, Kratom Spot has been supplying high-quality, all-natural kratom products through its online store. The brand was fairly successful but started seeing a plateau in sales and other key metrics. The client noted that their online store was down for a period of time, and multiple errors were observed when pages were indexed by search engines. The client sought our help to fix website and search engine optimization (SEO) issues, get them ranking again, and grow their revenues. As a top kratom SEO marketing company, our team has a robust knowledge of kratom restrictions, industry trends, and Federal Drug and Administration (FDA) regulations. We’ve helped several kratom and alternative medicine brands elevate their sales. 

Home Page for Kratom Spot

See how we helped Kratom Country grow its organic traffic by 694% and organic revenue by 133% within the first few months of working with us. 


The client was concerned with an FDA publication that mentioned 30 kratom-related deaths and the impact that it may have on their brand. While the client remained confident in the quality of their products, they needed an expert team to help them promote kratom without the inclusion of medical claims.

The installation of a new plugin by the client led to the website being inoperable for more than two weeks. Not only did they want the issue fixed, they also sought an upgraded, streamlined website with additional payment methods and improved performance and page load speed. At that time, the client was facing a dip in transactions and revenue. Moreover, a recent algorithm upgrade was believed to have negatively impacted key website metrics including conversions and keyword ranking positions.


Buy Kratom Online Page for Kratom Spot

We created several mockups and implemented new pages on the website, including home, category, subcategory, product, and affiliate program landing pages. Our developers adjusted the home page banner to showcase the benefits of the brand’s products and highlight brand messaging above the fold. We further optimized the home page header on mobile view by adding a hello bar, and updated the text size below the banner.

For the affiliate program page, we customized a sign up form for joining Kratom Spot’s affiliate program. There were also several pages returning 404 errors. So our team implemented and verified 301 redirects through Google Search Console, removed unnecessary redirects and dummy pages, and addressed all page errors. We developed and uploaded an HTML sitemap and uploaded an XML Sitemap file. We removed broken and duplicate links and completed several conversion optimization tasks.

Kratom Spot Affiliate Program Landing Page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Many of the website’s URLs were pointed to http rather than https. To ensure that the website’s pages showed as secure in browsers, we updated all internal URLs and links to the websites from http to https. The client had several images hosted on unsecured servers. Our team addressed errors with images that had http URLs. Large images were compressed to improve page load speed.

Optimized content was created for home, category, and subcategory pages. We added strong calls to action throughout the website’s pages. Several optimized blog posts were written and added to the website.

We created and verified location microdata and local business structured data, and created several company profiles. Our team optimized each business profile, enabling Kratom Spot to appear more in local search results. Multiple PR outreach articles were written and submitted to high authority websites publishing alternative herbs and kratom content. Additionally, we analyzed the backlinks to the website for links to 404 pages and spammy links and contacted webmasters to remove spammy links.


We saw some impressive metrics eight months after the start of our SEO efforts for Kratom Spot. Organic revenue grew by 700%, transactions from organic traffic grew by 620%, and organic ecommerce conversion rates increased by 707% when compared to the previous month. Pages per session increased by 71% and bounce rate improved by 99% within this same comparison period.



In organic revenue



In organic traffic



In conversion rates

For this same comparison period, overall revenue increased by 666%, overall transactions by 598%, and the overall ecommerce conversion rate improved by 682.5%. Overall pages per session increased by 70.4% and overall bounce rate improved by 99%.



In overall revenue



In pages per session