Hightower Sports and Cards dba Skybox Collectibles


Hightower Sports and Cards, more popularly known as Skybox Collectibles, is one of the largest and fastest growing collectible card retailers in the northeast United States. The company started in 2019 as a brick-and-mortar hobby store selling unopened and sealed sports cards, collectible cards, trading cards, and other card supplies. In 2020, the brand opened their ecommerce store. During the Covid pandemic, the brand saw a huge increase in card trading, which led to a spike in the value of their products. A year later, the client reported that their sales were impacted by market conditions including inflation. The client wanted to help their brand become one of the leading trading card companies. To achieve this, they contacted us, the number 1 SEO services company to help improve the functionality of its website, and help grow conversion rate, and overall revenue.

See how Coalition helped Skybox Collectibles improve their visibility on search engines and grow their email subscribers, impressions, and clicks.

Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game displayed on Skybox Collectibles Home Page


The client wanted a more attractive website with an easy-to-read product page layout. They wanted to grow conversion rates, improve their keyword ranking positions, and expand organic visibility. The client sought to streamline and automate their pre-order and content fulfillment process as it was then mostly manual, with some staff creating email and SMS, and others adding information to the website.

The brand also sells on third-party websites but they wanted to grow their ecommerce traffic to sell exclusively on skyboxct.com and in-store.  The brand hosts in-store activities such as trade nights and tournaments, and wanted to introduce additional online events for their growing community.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Since the client wanted to improve conversion rates, our team analyzed the website vis-a-vis the client’s goals and crafted strategies. Our team made several updates to the brand’s home, product, and other main pages. We added a clickable email and phone number in both header and footer for ease of contact, as well as clickable social media handles. The navigation menu is now visible when users scroll on the home page. We updated the home page banner and added call-to-action (CTA) text and buttons. Our team made the slider more interactive and the products clickable. 

There were several pages that needed to be updated. We improved the layout and optimized the copy on the product pages. All internal links that previously returned 404 errors were corrected. We added FAQ schemas to several product pages, and organization schemas to the home and about us pages. 

Our developers installed the Related Products Shopify App that allows customers to see products related to what’s in their cart. 

Our copy team re-optimized several product pages. We created an events calendar for the brand to advertise their instore and online events, new releases, and additional pre-orders information. Multiple press releases and optimized blog posts were completed. Our outreach team gathered and analyzed the links of the brand’s competitors, and identified link building opportunities. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our PPC team created several ad campaigns with optimized copy and banners. For all Google ad campaigns, we added conversion tracking, remarketing tags, and integrated these with Google Analytics. Our team monitored all ad campaigns and implemented additional strategies when needed. 

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Email Marketing

We set out to clean up and grow the brand’s email marketing subscriber list, then to create targeted customer segments, automations, and holiday and other targeted campaigns. We implemented several automations including welcome, abandoned cart, browse abandonment, post-purchase, and repeat purchase nurture series. Six email campaigns were launched within the first five months.


Our outreach team helped build the brand’s profile links and grow brand awareness. We helped to secure numerous backlinks with high domain authority websites and publications. Within the first quarter of partnering with us, impressions increased by 20% and total clicks by 22%. There was also growth in sessions, organic traffic, and organic revenue. The client also saw impressive returns on ad spend within the first five months of us launching their paid campaigns.

Within the second quarter of our partnership, Skybox Collectibles saw a 12% growth in Klaviyo attributed revenue when compared to the previous period. Year over year results showed a 176% growth in email marketing revenue. The brand saw significant improvements in other email deliverability metrics including bounce, spam complaint, and unsubscribe rates.

Since launching the email campaigns, conversions have increased. Attributed revenue from flows for the first four months grew by 44%, while attributed revenue from campaigns grew by 56%.



In impression



In total clicks



In email marketing revenue

During the first ten months of our SMS campaigns, Beauty Plus Salon saw improvements in conversions, revenue, and average order value. SMS conversions and average order value increased by 33% and 3%, respectively. Brand SMS revenue achieved 27% growth. 2023 email revenue increased by 27% compared to the previous year.

Our team created several Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) email campaigns, one of which netted a 54.1% open rate and a 1.1% click rate. Another Black Friday Last Chance email campaign saw a 56.3% open rate and a 0.7% click rate. Their Cyber Monday email campaign garnered an open rate of 57.6% and click rate of 0.9%. All three BFCM email campaigns surpassed the industry’s average open and click rates.

Our team increased the number of emails sent to subscribers.

Several of the campaigns we launched returned open and click rates that far exceeded the industry average open and click rates. The welcome series had a 63.6% open rate, 8.3% click rate, and 7.1% placed order rate. The first chance series netted a 52.1% open rate, 4.9% click rate, and was one of the highest revenue earning campaigns. The post-purchase series saw a 47.1% open rate, 4.3% click rate, and a 2.8% placed order rate. Total campaign recipients increased by 930%, bounce rate reduced by 40%, unsubscribe rate reduced by 41%, and spam rate was reduced by 8%.



In unsubscribe rate



In bounce rate



Total campaign recipients