Case Studies

  • Zumba

    Even some of the world’s largest fitness brands can use help growing online. And when they do, they call us.

  • Lea Black Beauty

    For more than 20 years, TV personality Lea Black has been developing and selling Lea Black Beauty products, some of which are made with ethically sourced Cannabidiol (CBD). The brand sells products such as eye cream, face wash and masks, oils, exfoliants, sunscreen, lip balms, and lotions, among other things. The client had a slow WordPress website…

  • Rainbow Symphony

    Rainbow Symphony offers unique colorful polarized glasses, holographic decals, and other eyewear to individuals interested in viewing solar eclipses safely. The brand has developed innovative eyewear creations using modern science and technology, bringing…

  • Sawyer Twain

    SawyerTwain came to Coalition in order to increase their brand’s online presence. While the owner had already been successful on platforms like Houzz and Wayfair, he came to Coalition to help the company’s website stand out from the competition. Coalition took over both SawyerTwain’s SEO and PPC. The company started only a year and a half before approaching Coalition to lead their marketing efforts. Their customer service is second to none and this along with our commitment to excellence produced the perfect dynamic for success. In their first 10 months with us, this high-end gaming furniture retailer generated $550,000 in revenue, while spending only $33,190 on our services.

  • Machine Guns Vegas

    How does a specialty gun range in Las Vegas see a 158% increase in site revenue in a span of a year? By utilizing Coalition’s SEO and web development services!

  • Hightower Sports and Cards dba Skybox Collectibles

    Hightower Sports and Cards, more popularly known as Skybox Collectibles, is one of the largest and fastest growing collectible card retailers in the northeast United States. The company started in 2019 as a brick-and-mortar hobby store selling unopened and sealed sports cards, collectible cards, trading cards, and other card supplies. In 2020, the brand…

  • Sit n’ Sew Fabrics

    This crafting and quilt company provides fabric and supplies to the home crafter. They started as a supplier to quilt stores, but wanted to go directly to the consumer. They have seen a monthly increase of 249% in their organic traffic along with a 475% increase in organic revenue.

  • Meori

    This organizational company focuses on on the go solution to storage. After starting SEO with us 4 months ago, Meori has seen sessions increase by 296% and revenue increase by 354%.

  • Giant Sports Cards

    Founded in 2020, this sports cards retailer offers individual and boxed sets of baseball, basketball, and football cards. After only 6 months with us, Giant Sports Cards saw in just this last month a 4,030% return on Ad Spend, with a spend of $3,903 resulting in $157,297 in revenue.

  • Search Scuba

    This dive shop directory provides divers with the researched dive experiences they want and dive shops with a platform for bookings. After seven months with us, user traffic is up 90% and transactions are up 100%.

  • Yard Sale Radar

    Yard Sale Radar is a website allowing users to find and post yard and estate sales in their neighborhood. Founder Anthony Lee is a longtime yard sale enthusiast who wanted to help his fellow buyers and sellers locate and post sales in their area.

  • Music Box Attic

    This music box store started online in 2003 and offers customizable digital modules to play any song. They boast the largest selection of mechanical movements online. After four months of working with us, Music Box Attic had increased their organic revenue by 204% and their overall revenue by 166%.

  • Dice Envy

    Dice Envy has been successful with Coalition’s SEO and PPC services. The DnD Dice Company designs their own dice sets and sells them online only. Dice Envy signed up for Email Marketing services to help improve their email performance, build automations, and cultivate brand awareness. Before signing up with CT Email Marketing, there was $0 revenue from automation. Since going live, automation built by the CT team is now generating more than $5000 per month.

  • Modern Aquarium

    Modern Aquarium offers high-quality plants and supplies for aquarium enthusiasts. Year over year organic revenue has increased by 5,119% with an 5,092% increase in organic sessions.

  • Fish Razr

    Fish Razr offers high quality saltwater tackle and gear, and even carry an in-house brand. After 1.5 years, Fish Razr has seen a 26% increase in organic revenue and a 24% increase in organic traffic month over month.