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Greg’s Botanical supplies a wide selection of premium kratom at affordable prices. Through its online store, customers can find an array of fresh kratom capsules, powders, extracts, shots and botanical products. The client had been running its store on autopilot for several years. They lost several years of their SEO value due to the hacking of their website. They decided to find an agency to help them revamp their website and streamline their marketing services. They contacted Coalition Technologies to help them migrate their Volusion website and lead their marketing efforts.

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See how we designed and developed a new WooCommerce website for this kratom brand and helped grow its organic traffic.


The client discusses numerous site wise and SEO issues they were encountering. The website has been neglected for several years. They decided to hire Coalition to get them back on track, after the website was hacked the previous year. Having lost much of the SEO value the website had accumulated, they needed assistance with revamping their online store. saw decreasing performances for the past few years. The client sought an agency to assist in designing and developing a robust website, as well as leading their marketing efforts.

Image of Kratom leaves

The client anticipated industry-wide changes and wanted to be prepared for them. They believed that kratom was gaining in popularity and lagged slightly behind cannabis. Anticipating future growth in kratom consumption in the USA, Greg’s Botanical wanted to showcase and educate their website’s visitors about their lab-tested, fresh, and premium kratom capsules, extracts, gummies, candies, and toffee.

While the brand prides itself on its great customer service and customer reviews, as well as growth in the number of repeat customers, they still needed help in achieving their business goals. The client also requested Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to further grow their brand. With some states restricting the sale of kratom, the client wanted an experienced agency to market products with sale restrictions.

One of the brand’s goals is to be able to compete successfully within the kratom industry. The new website should offer users information regarding the brand, transparency into its current and new farm locations, and its products. The client wanted the website to be an interactive channel, promoting the longevity, history, and benefits of kratom. As its products have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), we discussed the need to not include medical-related terminology content on the new website The client’s key performance indicators (KPIs) for its marketing campaign included increases in new users, newsletter sign-ups, and revenues.

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We designed and developed the new WooCommerce website using a custom WordPress theme.

Desktop showing Greg’s Botanical Home Page

Home Page Development

For the home page, we added a customized navigation bar with links for easy access to the brand’s terms and conditions, products, and resources. Dropdowns were added to the subheadings included in the navigation bar. Directly from the home page, customers can select the shop menu and view links to the brand’s best selling products, new arrivals, and all other products for the brand. Customers can select the resources tab of the navigation bar to access blog posts, detailed information about Greg’s farm, the history of Kratom, accepted payment options, and the terms and conditions. We also added a footer logo on the website’s home page.

The home page was developed with the perfect balance of text, colors, images, and optimized content. All title and subtitle text content were updated with the client’s selected color and font.

Category Page Development

On the category page, we installed the YITH WooCommerce Quick View plugin that allows shoppers to view the products and their descriptions. We added customizations to provide shoppers with the ability to open a quick view window that loads quickly and eliminates the need to surf back and forth between product and checkout pages. From the quick view feature, customers can use the add-to-cart button, reducing the number of clicks between viewing products to checkout.

We also added the WooCommerce AJAX Product Filters plugin that allows advanced and unlimited product filtering functionalities for this store. Products can now be filtered by price, category, weight, attribute, sale status, availability, and any other feature the client prefers, providing the benefit of creating SEO-friendly URLs.

Desktop view of Greg’s Botanical Shop Now Page
Greg’s Botanical Blog Post Page seen on Laptop

Blog Post Page

The client wanted the addition of a news and announcement page. Each posted article or blog post balanced text with images and interlinks. After the client approved the layout for the blog landing page, our copywriting team provided optimized blog posts.

Development of a WooCommerce Shopping Cart

Our developers added a customized shopping cart to the store. When shoppers add products to their cart, they immediately receive a success notification, and can view the estimated shipping costs associated with their orders after inputting their shipping address directly on the shopping cart page. Additionally, customers can input coupon codes directly from the shopping cart page. This shopping cart enhances user experience, as it reduces the need for repetitive entries on multiple pages.

Greg’s Botanical Checkout Page
Footer for Greg’s Botanical seen on Desktop

Springbot Integration

We integrated the affordable, effective, and easy-to-use email marketing integration Springbot. This integration enables the brand to manage its marketing, SMS, and social media posts from a single platform. Website users can supply their email address and provide consent to receiving the newsletter. They can also create an account, access their accounts, and review previous orders.

Age Verification Plugin

Our developers added an age verification pop-up plugin. Before proceeding, users must confirm if they are 18 years old or older. This WooCommerce extension allows the client to restrict its products and website content to users aged 18 and older.

Age Verification Popup for Greg’s Botanical seen on Laptop
Product Page for Greg’s Botanical

Other Integrations

The client agreed with our suggestion to readjust the colors and branding materials across the website, as well as reorganize layouts to be more in line with other kratom ecommerce stores. We integrated Yotpo to allow Greg’s Botanicals to collect and showcase reviews and photos in order to build trust, increase conversions, and allow reviews to be shared across social media platforms. We successfully migrated the products, past orders, and customers from the previous store, and redirected all URLs to the correct destination.

The brand accepts multiple payment options. In addition to the credit and debit card payment, we installed the WooCommerce CoinPayments plugin that allows customers to pay with cryptocurrency. A landing page on the brand’s commitment to ensure accessibility of its store to all users was added.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our SEO team began technical analysis of the new website prior to its launch by conducting a website audit. We ensured that Google Tag Manager (GTM), Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA) were installed and tracked correctly. After migrating the store’s products, we reviewed all title tags and meta descriptions. In addition to resolving canonical version issues, and identifying pages that were missing keywords, we addressed all issues that negatively impacted page load speed.

To recapture the rankings and search engine results page visibility the client lost due to being hacked, our team created an SEO strategy for this kratom brand. The client noted how impressed they were with the results we garnered for one of their competitors and wanted similar results. Their goals for the SEO campaign were better ranking on SERPs, leading to profitable return on investment (ROI) as well as increased monthly and annual revenues. We created a keyword sitemap and assigned keywords, and optimized content that addresses users’ needs.

Greg’s Botanical Satisfaction Guarantee Page

Our copywriters created content that is based on the brand’s unique selling proposition (USP) and differentiates them from their competitors. Calls-to-action (CTAs) and several blog posts were added as well. All contact information and social media links were made clickable. Our link building team completed an analysis on the brand’s competitors, and linked multiple guest blog posts for this brand.

Final Product


The client is satisfied with the design and functionalities of the new WooCommerce website. It is robust, easy to navigate, and has a quick checkout process. The client is pleased with the new website. Our marketing efforts have seen website users, transactions, and revenue grow steadily each month.


Organic Traffic


One month after the new website was launched, Greg Botanical saw a 41% increase in organic traffic when compared to the previous month. Organic traffic quickly became the largest contributing channel to the website’s overall traffic.