Tumbl Trak


Started over 3 decades ago, Tumbl Trak offers mats, tumbling tracks, and skill builders for athletes and coaches primarily in the gymnastic world. They were one of the first gymnastic equipment companies to offer an eCommerce website and a model of keeping inventory in stock and able to ship right away. Located in the heart of Michigan, Tumbl Trak provides materials and customer service not only in the US but all over the world.

They have won multiple industry awards as well as being supporters of organizations such as the Special Olympics. They offer a line of equipment specially designed for those with special needs, focusing on motor skills, balance, and other physical movement skills. They have also expanded their product line to include other sports such as dance, martial arts, and cheer. They offer “Homenastics” videos and activity guides free to their customers.

They needed to switch platforms due to their global nature, the variety of products and bundles they sell, and that they offer both B2B and B2C products. We suggested BigCommerce to them, as it would meet their needs, and it has been a wonderful partnership that has given them success as an online ecommerce business. Since launching their new BigCommerce website with us in January 2021, they have seen a 188% monthly increase in revenue from $188,105 the first month we launched to $541,572 in this most recent month.


Tumbl Trak approached Coalition looking to switch platforms, as their current solution did not allow them flexibility. They had also been experiencing a decline in revenue over the past few years, and knew it was time to make a change and recover that lost revenue. Some of their secondary goals included improving site speed, increasing organic standings on Google, being a mobile first site, and curating more reviews.

One of their stakeholders was having to code everything on their current site and came to us looking for a more robust SaaS platform in which they didn’t have to spend so much time coding. They were also concerned about page load speeds and their website’s performance keeping up with industry standards. They needed a more scalable solution for expanding internationally as they work within both the US and UK currently. They chose BigCommerce for its flexibility, open Saas, scalability, and its innovative ability to offer custom solutions to complex problems.


Design & Development

We built and launched a BigCommerce website in January of 2021 that was able to meet all of their custom needs. Some of the tasks we completed to launch this site included creating a website redirect strategy to retain the SEO value they had built up over the years and implementing up to 4,000 URLs for their US website as well as up to 2,000 URLs for the UK site.

BigCommerce is known for their innovative and solution-oriented apps. This client definitely took advantage of many of their apps to meet their specific needs. We installed an address auto-completion and verification app that works with both US and internationally, a social media shoppable section on product pages app, and an app that tracks customer orders.

Flexible APIs

BigCommerce is also known for their flexibility with APIs. We specifically used the open-source API GraphicQL to create a Training Tips section on their homepage as well as the table on the Training Tips single page itself, which allows users to sort by ability level and training apparatus. This is something completely unique to Tumbl Trak and is part of what sets them apart from their competitors.

We also used the BigCommerce Shogun Page Builder App, which provides a lot more customization options for all page types. Tumbl Trak used it especially for the informational resources they are providing to their customers.

Category Filters

Tumbl Trak is also putting BC’s category filters to good use. It allows customers to narrow down the products displayed to just what they are looking for. We also have greatly customized the product pages to accommodate a lot more information, including additional sections for images and videos (instead of all being in the main image section).

Added Tons Of Features

We also created the ability for customers to bundle products, something that BigCommerce’s flexibility allowed for. BigCommerce‘s platform also allowed us to set up multiple discount and promo code options. With BigCommerce Enterprise, we were also able to set up filtered navigation.

We also included shopping recommendations, social sharing, product quick view, and product hover zoom view on their site. Another thing that BigCommerce allowed us to do was to set up two customer paths for both their gym and home customers. We believe that BigCommerce is the best choice for companies that have B2B and B2C customers. This was extremely important to them as these customers’ needs are very different and they wanted to keep them separate.

Final Product


After launching their new site in January of 2021, Tumbl Trak has received 468,678 sessions with 329,266 new users in the last 10 months. They received 6,696 transactions for $4,865,792 in overall revenue in that time period.

From the month after we launched to the most recent month 10 months later, they have increased their monthly revenue from $188,105 to $541,572, an increase of 188%. Organic traffic accounted for 32% of all traffic after launch. Over the last year, mobile traffic has made up 60% of their overall traffic.

$4.8 M

Revenue within a 10-month period


revenue increase


Transactions within a 10-month period


Users in a 10-month period