Northern Altruist LLC (LoFi)


LoFi Delivery is a cannabis delivery service located in Oakland, CA. Residents in the East Bay Area can purchase online high-quality cannabis vapes, flower, prerolls, edibles, and concentrates from trusted brands at great prices while enjoying convenient same-day delivery. The client wanted to become a force in the cannabis industry and needed to build their brand. They needed help with creating the frontend of their website that would be linked to their existing business shopping page. They also required SEO work and wanted to grow their presence in the cannabis industry.

Home page for LoFi Delivery

See how we built a robust, colorful, and engaging WordPress website, managed LoFi’s Google Business Profile, and helped grow brand awareness with our Cannabis SEO services.


LoFi Delivery had only been operating for a short time when they contacted Coalition. They envisioned their brand being at the forefront in pushing for federal legalization of cannabis to remove the stigma within the industry. Having built a diverse customer base, the client wanted to educate new customers, as well as establish loyalty and trust. resells other brands’ products. They offer customers consistent, fast, same-day delivery services. In addition to providing exemplary customer service, LoFi Delivery provides educational resources through its Cannabis Learning Corner.


We designed and developed the new WooCommerce website using a custom WordPress theme.

Age Verification Popup On LoFi Delivery’s Home Page

Home page

The client requested that the home page have a pagination layout so our team split the contents of the home page into multiple sections, each with its own discrete page. This layout reduces the display of a vast amount of text for users.

We also added an age verification popup to the home page, i.e. visitors consent to being of legal age to purchase cannabis products. The popup was customized and styled with the client’s selected font and color.

Post Page

The client requested that our team develop an informational category page. Our team created the Cannabis Corner, which provides quick readings on cannabis and ways to enjoy the products they carry. Through the blog, cannabis novices and enthusiasts can learn more and keep up with happenings in the industry.

LoFi Delivery Cannabis Pods and Cartridges Category Page
LoFi Delivery Cannabis Pods and Cartridges Category Page

Migration of Products

Our developers migrated all products to the new WordPress website. Products were categorized and images, detailed product descriptions, prices, and titles were added. SEO-friendly URLs were created for all products. Empty product categories were updated, and images were also optimized for SEO.

Additional Integrations

Our developers added an Accessibility page, Terms and Conditions page, and Privacy Policy page. We integrated Klaviyo for future email marketing campaigns. Visitors can also submit support tickets using a secure contact form.

LoFi Delivery Privacy Policy Page
Trending Products shown on LoFi Delivery home page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The client wanted to increase brand exposure as well as achieve high keyword rankings within the local area and the state of California. Recognizing that many of their users access the website using mobile devices, the client wanted the website to be mobile-responsive. The client sought revenue growth as well.

Our SEO team conducted an audit, developed a strategy, and implemented fixes. Header tags, meta descriptions, and keywords were identified for all website pages and images. A content strategy was created for the new website.

We added a clickable phone number and email address to the header and footer. Our team also addressed issues with the brand’s logo being linked to a third party website. Our team resolved the issues with the mobile view and performed QA testing on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices across multiple operating systems. We linked to all of LoFi Delivery’s social media platforms on the home page, and installed Google Analytics to analyze website traffic and conversions. Prior to launching the new website, our team assessed the page load speed and resolved all issues impacting the fast loading of web pages.

Delivery Locations Map for LoFi Delivery

Final Product

Client Testimonial

We needed help with creating the frontend of a website to link it to our business shopping page, and we also needed SEO work within that website. Our goal was to give our company a face and create a brand so that our customers could have a brand to follow. We also wanted to increase our engagement and notability within our industry.

Coalition Technologies stood out from the other companies because they seemed to have a pretty good team structure.

The way they distributed their assignments was very good for us; they designated each part of the project to team members with expertise in that area, which would help us get better results. Additionally, they were more affordable, and their prices were more reasonable than other companies. Thanks to Coalition Technologies, we’ve been able to create a positive and seamless shopping experience for our customers. The UX is great, and our customers have been reacting well to our new site.

Basel Al-Kadri of LoFi

Basel Al-Kadri , CEO


The website was launched at the end of October 2022. One month after launch, the company saw improvements in its bounce rate, pages per session, and average session duration. Month over month, the brand saw increased revenue and orders. Ten months after launch, Northern Altruist’s revenue grew by 10.74%, and organic traffic by 32%, when compared to the previous month. Other improvements were seen in sessions, new users, and engagement rates for organic traffic and all traffic.


Revenue Growth

After launch


Organic Traffic


The client is satisfied with the functionalities and aesthetics of the new website and with our efforts in increasing the brand’s appearance in search engine results pages.