Ozark MMJ Cards


Ozark MMJ Cards started in 2019, to help qualifying patients obtain their new medical marijuana certification or renew their existing marijuana certification. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Ozark has a qualified team of medical providers with extensive knowledge in state and federal marijuana laws. The client is committed to delivering uncompromising care, as well as safe and timely access to educational resources for their patients. 

Dissatisfied with the cost and difficulties patients encounter in obtaining marijuana cards and medication, the client wanted to make it easier to obtain the required certification in order to access medical marijuana products. They also wanted to expand their services to other states and contacted us for our cannabis-related SEO services

Home Page for Ozark MMJ Cards

See how Coalition was able to grow Ozark MMJ’s organic traffic and market share over local competition with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and email marketing services.


The owners sought a trusted partner for their marketing services. Having worked with other SEO agencies, they were left dissatisfied with the lack of communication and results. The Covid-19 pandemic forced the client to rethink how they offered their services. With the need to transition to telemedicine and the offering of virtual office visits, the client wanted to offer MMJ Card certifications conveniently.

The client wanted to increase organic traffic and conversions, revenue, and the number of daily certifications. They also wanted to see improved rankings for cannabis-related and non-branded keywords and to have technical issues and page load speed issues fixed.


Some of the tasks we completed for this medical marijuana certification card company included writing optimized copy, fixing page load speed issues, and applying schema markups. We also addressed issues with their domain redirection and obtained online PR opportunities.

Home Page for Ozark MMJ Cards


Our team wrote and added optimized well-written and informative content that addressed the website visitors’ needs. Content is visible in search engines results’ pages due to the optimized copy we wrote for Home, FAQ, Renewal Services, and Our Services pages, among others.

Local SEO

We created and optimized the client’s Google Business Profile (GBP) listing to boost their local presence. Ozark MMJ Cards has multiple GBP profiles for each of its locations, including those that have since been closed. Additionally, many existing profiles were set up under the old business name, AR MMJ Cards. Our team reviewed all GBP listings, optimized all listings’ profiles for existing locations with the current business name Ozark MMJ Cards, and updated location details and services offered.

We helped reinstate all four suspended listings of Ozark MMJ Cards. Also, we added unique UTM codes to capture the number of visitors accessing the website through each GBP listing, as well as their interactions with the website.

We created a keyhole markup language (KML) sitemap for Ozark. The brand has one website with multiple locations, each with its own Google or Apple Map location. This KML sitemap tells search engine crawlers that all locations are associated with ozarkmmjcards.com, further boosting secondary and tertiary GBP listings. We also added Ozark’s business locations to Instagram Maps to capture more customers and gain more market share over local competition.

Development / Technical SEO

Ozarkmmjcards.com had oversized images as well as website loading and formatting issues, affecting the page loading speed and, in turn, Ozark’s SEO performance. Our developers discovered that the CSS was not loading correctly due to a pagespeed conflict. We fixed the issues with the optimization plugin cache and the page builder cache in order to optimize all images.

Ozark’s domain was previously hijacked. Our web developers cleared all malware from the website, removed all malicious files, updated all plugins, re-installed all the plugins, and completed malware scans to ensure that the website was secure and fast.

Ozark MMJ New and Renewal Medical Marijuana Cards Steps

Email Marketing

The client’s goals for the email marketing campaigns were to educate potential and existing clients about their services and the benefits of medical marijuana (MMJ), improve the MMJ card renewal rate, and regain lost clients. After conducting a comprehensive email marketing audit, we created email strategies that took into consideration the client’s needs and goals, industry regulations, and trends. 

We launched several email campaigns aligned with the brand’s guidelines to boost brand awareness, nurture prospects, and keep current customers engaged. Furthermore, we built automations to increase conversion rates and improve customer loyalty and referrals.


Our link builders created a diverse link profile for Ozark to boost its organic visibility. We researched and added backlinks that represent a vote of confidence from external and credible websites to Ozark’s website. These backlinks act as a signal to search engines that the website has content that is worth linking to, and is worth displaying on the search engine results pages.

Client Testimonial

We followed a referral from one of our other marketing directors that heard of the agency. They were priced lower than our other SEO firm and given the successes and failures of the other SEO firm, we wanted a fresh look at our brands. They also have flexibility in case there are short-term, urgent tasks that need to be done.

Daniel Whitelocke, Owner & CEO, Ozark MMJ Cards


Ozarkmmjcards.com is now a secure, robust and fast website. The client is happy with the improvements our team made. Our SEO efforts have helped grow Ozark’s brand awareness. For the period of April through October 2023, organic users increased by more than 150% when compared to the corresponding period during the previous year. For this same comparison period, organic sessions grew by 132% and contact us form submissions by 133%.



In organic users



In organic sessions



In contact us form submissions

Within the first year of our partnership, email marketing became the third highest revenue-generating and traffic channel. Email traffic increased by 533% in the first year, and open rate and click rates were consistently above industry averages. Our team monitored the performance of email campaigns monthly and conducted frequent A/B testing to optimize our strategies. This resulted in monthly increases in Ozark’s email list contacts



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