CEM Beauty Image


CEM America Inc., more known by their brand Beauty Image USA, offers aestheticians and salons sustainable, high-quality waxing waxes, warmers, and other hair removal products. With a customer base spanning five continents and more than 70 countries, their customers enjoy products packed with skin-healing properties. The client contacted us, a BigCommerce Elite Partner, to build a new ADA-compliant BigCommerce website with B2B functionalities. The client also wanted their products and customers to be migrated to the new website.  Read on to see how we built a robust BigCommerce B2B website and helped increase revenue, traffic, users, and engagements using our suite of marketing services.


The client was dissatisfied with the appearance and functionalities of their website along with the results of their marketing campaigns. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic forced the client to rethink their strategies. They wanted to revamp the entire wholesale section, and offer customizable and standard product categories with flexible quantity options.

The client’s goals included increasing online revenue to match offline revenue levels. The new website should be incorporated into all of the brand’s marketing campaigns. Once the website was built, they wanted our team to successfully migrate all products and customer accounts to the new BigCommerce website.


Web Development

We developed the home page using a custom design, adding a Learn With Us section and an embedded video section showcasing the brand’s products and quick tips. The new home page also showcases the brand’s best sellers and client reviews. We installed the Judge.me app to feature client reviews on the home page.

Hair Wax Kits Category Page for Professional Hair Removal brand, Beauty Image USA

The client requested our team to update the pricing filters and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the category pages. We styled the FAQ section with an accordion-style, collapsible design. We also optimized category page copy and images.

The client requested our team to update the pricing filters and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the category pages. We styled the FAQ section with an accordion-style, collapsible design. We also optimized category page copy and images.

Soy Marvelous Wax-Free Jar Product Page for Professional Hair Removal brand, Beauty Image USA

Wholesale Registration Form

We customized the BigCommerce B2B wholesale registration form to include additional fields such as esthetician license number, license registration, company name, and a section to upload files needed for the registration process.

Email Marketing

The client wanted us to improve their email marketing strategy and implement a more effective retargeting plan. We sought to increase email engagement, revenue, brand awareness, brand loyalty, and retention.

A year into the email campaign, our email team created the welcome series to nurture new subscribers and build brand trust after signing up. The abandoned cart and browse abandonment series meant to re-engage potential customers who leave the website without making a purchase.

We created the conversion reminder series to reconnect with email subscribers who have not made a purchase within the first three months after signing up. Furthermore, our team developed the winback series, repeat purchase nurture series, and replenishment reminder series to encourage repeat purchases and increase the customer’s lifetime value.

We built an email pop-up to garner new email subscribers, a custom email template that aligns with Beauty Image’s branding and email best practices, and an email calendar. Weekly campaigns focused on highlighting the brand’s selling points, products and benefits, events, sales, and educational content.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To establish the best strategy for Beauty Image, our SEO team reviewed the client’s KPIs and researched the competitive landscape and industry keywords. We created a redirect strategy to migrate their products, orders, customers, and blog posts from the old website to the new website.

Once the new website was launched, we created a Google Tag Manager (GTM) account and installed the code on all pages. We verified the new website in Bing and Google Webmaster Tools.

Our development team created a thank you page, on which we installed custom ecommerce tracking code to assess users’ activities on the website.

Our copy team completed optimized content for all pages and blog posts. We created an optimized Google Business Profile for the brand. Our outreach team reviewed existing links and resolved previous backlinks that previously returned 404 errors. Additionally, our team’s efforts secured several backlinks for the brand from high domain authority external websites.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Our PPC team created and launched several branded, standard shopping, and PMax paid campaigns. We customized each campaign to maximize conversions, and engage customers across Google channels. Our team continuously reviewed each campaign’s performance and made adjustments as needed.

Social Media

The client aimed to increase brand awareness and followers. With more relatable content and educational posts, the client hoped to elevate their social media presence and reach a wider audience of consumers, students, and hobbyists. In addition to improvements in social media traffic, interactions, impressions, and shares, our strategy aimed at increasing sales revenue, connecting with brand advocates, and encouraging user-generated content from their network of estheticians.

Our social media team created platform-specific strategies and utilized best practices to grow the brand’s social media channels. We established a patterned posting cadence, balancing a mix of educational content, relatable memes geared towards the esthetician community, and product features highlighting their unique selling points (USPs). Their social media channels regularly feature user generated content (UGC) from estheticians, establishing social proof.

Final Product


Soon after the website was launched, the brand saw users increase by 80% and organic revenue by 119.4%. Sessions increased month over month. The client saw impressive results for all users and organic traffic during their first Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend (BFCM) period with us.

Since the launch of the PPC campaigns, the brand has seen increasing clicks from paid campaigns. Ad impressions continue to increase month after month. Multiple optimized, active. Google shopping feeds were created to further grow visibility and sales.

Soon after launching the brand’s automation and other email marketing campaigns, email revenue started to increase. By the end of month two, email attribution revenue grew to 41.5% of total revenue. Email revenue continued to grow month after month. The brand saw its email revenue doubled from various BFCM campaigns. During the second month of our email marketing campaigns, Beauty Image saw its revenue grow by 112% when compared to the first month’s email revenue.

Within the first 90 days of email campaigns, revenue from email marketing rose to 43% of their total revenue. Email open rate was above 50%, far exceeding the industry wide average,

Our current flows have an excellent placed order rate of 3.15%, an open rate of 45.0%, and a click rate of 3.57%, all of which are above the industry average.

Open rate during the first quarter of launching email campaigns grew to 54.7%, surpassing the industry’s average open rate. One of their BFCM campaigns returned a 60.5% open rate and 2.3% click rate.


Open Rates


Click Rate

Another campaign netted a 64.7% open rate, and a 1.3% click rate, both exceeding the industry’s average open and click rates.


Open Rates


Click Rate

Since the launch of the social media campaigns, Beauty Image has seen a 26% increase in Instagram engagements and 75% increase in Facebook reach, surpassing the retail industry’s average engagement rates. Non-followers’ reach on Instagram increased by 110% within the first quarter after launching social media campaigns. Pinterest’s Saved Pins grew by 52%, and impressions on Pinterest continue to grow month over month.



In Instagram engagements



In Facebook reach



Increase in Non-Followers’ reach on Instagram