Exquisite Dentistry


Exquisite Dentistry is a cosmetic dental spa based in West Hollywood, CA. Customers can enjoy high-quality dental services while enjoying a spa-like experience in this prominent Los Angeles dentist office. The brand’s dentists utilize a holistic approach to customers’ oral health and overall wellness, while using advanced treatments and technology and combining gentle and passionate care. The client came to us hoping to see more conversions related to cosmetic dentistry services such as veneers, crowns, and Invisalign.

Home page banner for Exquisite Dentistry

See how we optimized the brand’s Google Business Profile listing resulting in them dominating the Local Map Pack search results for keywords such as “veneers” and “veneers near me”. Exquisite Dentistry’s organic traffic rose by 393% in one year with organic traffic accounting for 73% of all traffic.


The client wanted to grow their customer base for their cosmetic dentistry services. A website audit revealed that exquisitedentistryla.com lacked relevant copy, the home page was missing clickable business contact information, the website had duplicate header tags, there was no sitemap, and the Google Analytics code was installed with a nonstandard implementation. While the brand was ranking for keywords such as “dentist” and “dentist near me”, it was not ranking as highly for “veneers”, “invisalign”, and “crown”. The client wanted improvements in their keyword ranking positions and an increase in conversions.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our developers made several improvements aimed at improving user experience and growing conversions. We improved the website’s mega menu by creating pages for Cosmetic Dentistry, Veneers, and Invisalign. Our SEO copywriting team added optimized content to the website. We added clickable phone and email contact on the headers and a contact form on the banners. Banners on the pages with large images were improved to make the content readable. We also optimized the metadata tags that were too long or too short, duplicated, and unoptimized. 

Contact Us Page for Exquisite Dentistry

Our team redirected links that led to missing pages and/or returned errors. We installed a user-friendly and responsive Appointment Scheduler. Additionally, we redesigned the Contact Us and added Biography pages for the brand’s dentist, and revamped the website’s home page. We made the calls to action (CTAs) more prominent, reorganized the content, and made it easier for users to navigate and contact the brand.

Our link building team published multiple PR articles in high-authority publications to grow the brand’s backlinks and domain authority.  

Exquisite Dentistry Biography Page For Dr. Alexie Aguil
Local Search Grid for Exquisite Dentistry

Local SEO

We optimized the dentistry’s Google Business Profile (GBP) and Yelp profiles with updated categories with keyword rich content and added the brand’s services.  To further capitalize on website users’ actions, our team expanded the FAQ content for areas serviced by the practice. Our team created organization, local business, and service schema, and implemented rich snippet posts on both business profile pages. 

The client wanted to include existing blog post content in the Google Business listing. Our team re-optimized existing blog posts and service descriptions to the Google Business listing. The Google Business profile was updated to reflect the different insurances accepted by the dentistry. 

We created additional local business profiles for the brand. These improvements led to the listings starting to dominate the Local Search Grid (LSG), an SEO tool that tells a client exactly where their Google business listing is ranking on a granular level. 

ADA Compliance

Our team assessed the website and made updates to make it ADA-compliant. The website is Level A and AA ADA-compliant. Alt attributes and title attributes were added, and links updated to make it more visible for users impacted by color. Text and background colors were improved with adequate contrast.


Our team created several landing pages for dental services. We launched Shopping, Non-branded and Retargeting ad campaigns for the brand and targeted specific areas for “cosmetic dentistry”, “invisalign” and “veneer” keywords.


Having been with us for one and a half years, this cosmetic dentist saw a 393% year over year increase in organic traffic. Organic traffic accounted for 73% of all traffic for the website and new organic users increased by 530%.



In organic traffic



In new organic traffic

At the end of May 2021, organic sessions increased 83.3% when compared to May 2020. Organic new users increased 59.6% at the end of May 2021 when compared to May 2020. At the end of May 2021, overall sessions increased 124.5% compared to May 2020 overall sessions. For this same period, overall new users increased 94.3%.



In organic sessions



In new users

Within two months of optimizing the client’s Google Business listing categories, the listings started to dominate the map pack for keywords “veneers” and “veneers near me”. Additionally, there were improvements in the ranking positions for “veneers” and “Invisalign” keywords.