Client: Pompeii3

URL: www.pompeii3.com

Website Focus: Ecommerce

Website Platform: BigCommerce

Services Provided: Email Marketing, SEO

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Jewelry, Shopping

Case Summary: Pompeii3 has been in the diamond jewelry industry for more than 100 years. Within a year, we grew their revenue by 172%. With our email marketing service, we increased email revenue by 110%, increased open rates by 101%, and increased click rates by 90%.

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This diamond jeweler wanted to increase site users and drive conversions, so they signed up for our SEO and email marketing services.

Pompeii3 has been around for over 100 years, so they already had a pretty loyal customer-base and email was bringing in good revenue for them. However, their open and click rates were low. Their automated emails also had multiple versions triggering and were not working as hard for Pompeii3 as they could have been.

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Some of the tasks we have completed include fixing server errors, implementing breadcrumbs, promoting available financing options, and fixing inconsistencies on the About Us page.

For their email campaign, we began by cleaning and segmented their email list. We created an email template that was visually appealing and increased engagement. Our first priority was to clean up their automations and ensure that users did not receive multiple emails for the same trigger. We worked to optimize these automations through a re-write, re-design and A/B testing.

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Compared to last year, we increased their organic traffic by 84% from 98k to 181k sessions and new organic users increased by 116% from only 47k to 101k. Organic revenue increased by 40% ($1,394,502.59 vs $994,442.87) and organic transactions improved by 64%.

For the email campaign, conversion rates YOY on automations increased by 193% (14% vs 40%), click-through rates increased by 53% (19% vs 28%), and revenue from automations increased by 110% ($277k vs $581k). The revenue per recipient increased by 235% ($127 vs $427). Campaign open rates increased by 101%  and click rates increased by 90%.

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