Premium Supplements dba The Kratom Company


Dissatisfied with the quality and lack of consistency of what was in the market, the client started The Kratom Company to offer customers quality kratom products via their brick-and-mortar and online stores. They contacted us to be their kratom SEO marketing company with marching orders to improve their content and visibility and to grow their customer base. See how our SEO and email marketing teams improved online visibility, subscribers, revenue, as well as click- and open-rates for The Kratom Company.


After the opening of their brick-and-mortar store, customers began praising The Kratom Company for its quality and cleaner packaging. The brand’s website was launched soon after. Despite enjoying relative success online, the client did not feel that the home, product, and blog pages accurately reflected the brand. The website also did not have adequate educational kratom content. The client wanted the content on their home, product, and blog pages to be optimized and for FAQs to be added to product pages. They sought for an overall increase in organic traffic and sales.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After completing a detailed SEO audit, our team created the best strategy to improve keyword rankings, impressions, and website traffic. We expanded blog content to include legal and kratom research topics. Our team also added calls-to-action (CTAs) and internal links to all new and existing blog articles. 

To the home page we added content with primary and secondary keywords and optimized the title tag and meta description. We updated the layout, expanded sections, added a shop now button, and made the product sections clickable. We also included customer reviews and a trust badge to the home page.

Our team updated the text, color, and images on the product pages. We modified the product and shop all pages to display star ratings, as previously it was only displayed when users hovered over the product. We created a footer and included the brand’s policies and clickable contact information. 

Some of their blog posts were missing keywords and images covered some of the words. We created new blog articles, optimized older blog articles, and enabled the share button so that blog posts could be disseminated and bring about traffic.

Email Marketing

The client had a low subscriber email count and engagement rates. Our email marketing team gradually increased the number of contacts with different sign up units on the website. We created updated segments and tested the campaigns with the right audience and best timing to boost overall engagement rates. With more engaging and interactive campaigns, subscribers’ clicks and website visits increased.

Final Product


Month over month, The Kratom Company saw increasing organic sessions, overall sessions, and revenue. Analyzing year over year metrics, the brand saw increases in organic and overall sessions and organic and overall revenues. New users and transactions increased year over year.

Quarter over quarter, The Kratom Company saw increasing contact engagements from campaigns. Average open rate outperformed industry averages, growing from 4.7% to 45.9% quarter over quarter. Our continuous A/B testing of copy format, images, and layout—as well as advanced segmentation—helped click rates surpass the industry average 2% click rate, growing from 1.7% to 3.8%.


Average Open Rates


Average Click Rate

We launched an email campaign highlighting Kratom Research which netted a 38.3% open rate and 5% click rate. Another email campaign saw a 53.6% open rate and 3.8% click rate. Year over year, email revenue increased as we nurtured and expanded the brand’s list of contacts. 

Website traffic attributed to email marketing initiatives show that users increased by 112% month over month. Our team’s strategies and campaigns have helped to improve engagement rates and grow email and overall revenues for The Kratom Company.