Dank Shop


Dank Shop supplies its business-to-business (B2B) customers with vape and smoke products. To further grow their brand and increase revenue, the client wanted a robust online sales channel to supplement its brick and mortar operations. The client previously had a WooCommerce website but wanted a website with greater scalability. They sought Coalition’s expertise to design and develop a new website that can sell their products locally, nationally, and internationally. This new website would become the channel other businesses—such as liquor stores, gas stations, dispensaries, and vape channels—would use to source their products.

Dank Shop homepage

Read how Coalition launched a new and responsive BigCommerce website for Dank Shop, a wholesale and retail distributor of cannabis and CBD products.


Dank Shop wanted a new website that would be able to grow with their business. The client wanted to be able to segment their customers and be the main shopping channel for all of their customers. The new website should also provide information and resources to their B2B customers about their brand.

Our team developed a new BigCommerce site that provides users with easily accessible resources, fast page loading times, and the best user experience when shopping.


Bundle B2B

This smoke and vape brand supplies its products to other businesses. The client decided to utilize the BigCommerce B2B ecommerce platform, Bundle B2B, which has extensive capabilities that allows Dank Shop to customize the functionalities it needs to manage its front-end and back-end processes as well as other business needs. Our team utilized many of BigCommerce’s scalability functions to build a responsive dankshop.com.

The client wanted their customers to be organized into groups and offer resources, pricing, and access to specific products. Having customer group segments allows Dank Shop to offer loyalty benefits and access to its products at discounted rates. Additionally, the brand’s wholesale customers will have access to products which may be hidden from the brand’s other customer groups. Our team customized BigCommerce B2B Bundle’s customer group functionality and provided training to the administrators on how to manage their customer groups, create additional customer groups, and add new customers to existing customer groups.

The B2B Bundle allows Dank Shop to implement a tier system that rewards customers who buy more. For example, a new customer may have access to a few products for free. As customers buy more products or increase the frequency of their purchases, they receive additional benefits including free or faster shipping or lower price per product unit. We customized the tiered pricing component of the B2B Bundle to allow Dank Shop to offer different price points and offers to its customers.

We customized B2B Bundle’s bulk pricing functionality and installed the client’s bulk pricing rules to encourage shoppers to purchase more products and in higher quantities at lower prices. Dank Shop is now able to offer and easily amend discounted pricing rates for each customer group.

Dank Shop wanted to restrict or apply accessibility rules to products and content across their customer groups. We installed the client’s rules providing access to content and products to different customer segments. The brand is now able to provide relevant content to all their customers.

Checkout Process Customizations

The new website has multiple payment gateways and payment methods for different customer segments. Our team used a buy-online-and-pick-up-in-store functionality for local orders. Local residents in Michigan have the option to shop online and have their items delivered, or they can place orders online and pick up their orders in the store.

Our team customized the existing automated cart email i.e., customers are sent email reminders of their cart details. These email reminders also provide updates on stock level notifications if stock levels have lowered since the products were added to the customer’s carts.

Additionally, our team installed a custom message to the checkout process. This allows the client to notify their customers if the entered shipping address conflicts with local laws prohibiting the shipment of vape products.

Page Customizations

Dankshop.com showcases age-sensitive content. An age gate application was installed on the new website. In order to proceed and browse other pages, users must acknowledge that they are at least age 21.

Dank Shop has an approval process for purchasing its products. Wholesale customers who want to purchase this brand’s products must submit their requests online and upload relevant information to the website, such as business tax information. The brand’s representatives will then review the submissions and either approve or disapprove the request.

Because Dank Shop supplies products that may be prohibited in certain states, they are able to assign their users to location-based customer groups. Then they can present not only products available to that area but other website content as well. Using the flexibility of BigCommerce stencil, our team set up Dank Shop with the ability to customize the banners, posts, and products that appear to customer groups.

Users who are not registered or signed in are restricted from seeing all the website’s content. The website’s owners are able to apply specific restrictions and hide categories and products from the navigation. Content related to marijuana-related and tobacco products are only visible to logged in users aged 21 and over.

Additional customizations were implemented based on state law requirements. A non-wholesale user living in one state will not be allowed to ship products across state lines. The website accurately lists the content and pricing for each specific customer segment.


Since Dank Shop supplies its products to local, national, and international markets, our team installed several domestic and international shipping methods. The client provided us with their shipping rules, and these were integrated into the shipping app ShipperHQ that our team installed. Customers from anywhere in the world, once approved, are able to have their orders shipped and have tracking information at their fingertips.

Data Migration and Redirect Strategy

Dankshop.com was previously a WooCommerce website with limited capabilities. The client wanted a new website with expanded B2B capabilities. Our team seamlessly migrated all the brand’s products to the new BigCommerce B2B website, removed all duplicate products, and completed all redirects from previous URLs to the new URLs. A successful migration and redirect allows the website to maintain all of the value it had built up over time on its previous platform.


Users who access the new website can now communicate with other users. The networking app Fishbowl was integrated on the website to facilitate discussions among customers and the brand’s representatives. Immediate and relevant customer service allows Dank Shop to close bigger deals faster. Additionally, the app assists with inventory management on the website.

Final Product


The functionalities of the BigCommerce B2B Bundle enabled our team to develop a new website with several customizations integral to the growth of Dank Shop. Capitalizing on BigCommerce’s array of customizations, the website was designed to provide tiered pricing, supply other brands’ products, easily coordinate customers and content, and be a network and communication resource for customers and the brand. Using the BigCommerce stencil, our team implemented variant tables on the product page so that logged in users can view quantity tiered prices specific to them.

The client is extremely satisfied with our team’s efforts in creating a user-friendly, fast, robust, and customized website. The brand is now able to supply its multiple customer groups with a wide variety of smoke and vape products.

Dank Shop has tripled the number of orders received since the launch of the new dankshop.com. Compared to the previous year, average order value increased by 52% since we relaunched the new website in May 2022.