Decorsify is a home decor specialist dedicated to making homes beautiful. They offer a wide array of luxury home decor items, including nightstands, wooden coffee tables, and ornate modern rugs. This company wanted to created a modern website and to increase brand awareness.

Our team worked closely with Decorsify to select the most robust platform for their current needs: one that would also be able to evolve as the brand grows. Once the website was completed and launched, the site was more engaging and offered a better customer user experience. To date, the clients are happy with the new site and has been running much more smoothly.


Decorsify was looking for a site that would be highly functional, easy to navigate, and be able to provide users with a great shopping experience. Additionally, the platform for the new site should be able to meet the company’s evolving needs without compromising the page load speed. We reviewed several platforms with the client, and the client chose our partner BigCommerce as the most robust platform. Also, this platform allows our team great flexibility in the creative design and development endeavors.

Decorsify had a very clear idea of the technical aspects of what they were looking for in their new website. Their primary goal was to have an engaging, user-friendly website with a useful and trendy interface that would boldly showcase their luxury products. This site should also be able to supplement their new marketing efforts. Ultimately, the clients wanted to grow their brand and revenue.

BigCommerce was selected as the best platform for the client given the requested customizations. Since Decorsify was a new business, we also wrote content for their pages, categories, and products. The client was actively involved in the process and was impressed with the homepage, category, product, and compare page designs. The new BigCommerce website’s clean layout is ideal for engaging users, helping reduce bounce rates, and increase revenue. The site also has well-written content available to guide site users to other pages.

With BigCommerce, we were able to provide a customized user experience without negatively impacting the site’s page load speed. The new site is able to not only meet the immediate goals of the client but also evolve and meet the future demands of its users, owners, and the industry. We were able to fully execute the needs of the client and deliver outstanding results through the new website.


Design and Development

The first step of this project was to design and build a website that accurately reflected the client’s commitment to its customers and boldly showcased its products. has clear images and product swatches—as well as easy navigation and a streamlined checkout process—that enhance the customer user experience. Coalition integrated the new website with the client’s existing shipping and payment systems. An additional integration made to the new site was the Shopify payment system used by Decorsify for bulk product uploading.

Custom Applications

This client targets both B2B and D2C markets. For the B2B segment, a purchase order functionality and wholesale option were implemented. Users are now able to engage with a live chat, as well as avail of hassle-free, fast, and free shipping and warranty features. Other features developed for the client include a custom product comparison page, product badges, countdown for limited offers, custom mini cart drawer, custom mega menu, and a shipping estimator. BigCommerce allows Decorsify to organize their products by type and by categories. was completed much to the client’s satisfaction. They were pleased that the new site allowed for a customized user experience without compromising website speed.

Final Product


Live Chat Feature

The site now boasts a live chat feature for customers to quickly engage with the client. Site visitors can now quickly get an estimate of their shipping costs and when they will receive their orders.

Custom Comparison Page

Visitors can now make purchases easily, thanks to the custom comparison page. The custom comparison page app allows customers to compare multiple products simultaneously using custom fields. Users are able to comfortably read and compare product information that they need.

Custom Mega Menu

The new site now has a custom mega menu that features product subcategories and categories. All new arrivals are now viewable on product and static pages. Swatches and icons allow users to view the products as they shop.

Custom Mini-Cart Drawer

The custom mini-cart drawer feature slides to the right. Customers can change order quantities here without having to go to the checkout page.

Custom Product Badges and Countdown Feature for Limited Offers

Custom-coded product badges were also installed to promote new and bestselling products, as well as highlight limited time offers and items on sale. Our team also installed a countdown for limited time offers to show customers how much time is left to get great savings.