Grisly’s Cosmic Black


Black Yeti Beverage is a supplier of alcoholic beverages. Led by a husband and wife team, this brand was imagineered in 2020 during the global pandemic with the intention of bringing much needed joy and transcendent fun. The owners sought a new site that would drive traffic to local stores and distributors and to increase online sales. Our highly qualified team members created an animated, colorful, and highly responsive WordPress site for this brand. Read along to see how we did this.

Animation seen on Grisly’s Cosmic Welcome to the Yetiverse page


The Grisly’s Cosmic Black Yeti Beverage brand was concocted during the pandemic in 2020 with the hope to bring some joy and fun to many. The client began dabbling in cocktails after partnering with a local soda shop in designing sodas and brewing bourbon. Black Yeti Beverage was born to fill a void in the ready-to-drink (RTD) bourbon and cola drink sectors. The client sought a WordPress site that would drive traffic to local stores and vendors and increase online consumer sales of their bourbon and cola products.

A new site was needed to build brand awareness, provide retailer information, and actively engage site users. The client requested that the site be cosmic, colorful, surreal, funky, and funny. Most importantly, the site should convey to target users that the Black Yeti brand is a legit professional brand that supplies earthy, zesty bourbon and gourmet cola.

The client wanted the site to have a hybrid purpose: informational content and a sales channel. The site should appeal to its target audience of potential distributors and retailers and be user friendly for its B2C market as well. The brand’s owners intend to expand its customer base and launch new products in the near future.


Design and Development

Our team worked on developing a colorful, robust WordPress site. Using bright colors and leaning into the client’s vision for a fun-filled world of characters, we ensured that the design was not cluttered but instead had adequate balance between content and graphic animations. We carefully placed icons, logos, and call-to-action buttons at strategic locations on the site. 

To ensure the Grisly team is reaching their target audience, we installed an age gateway to verify users before they enter a site with alcoholic beverages. From there, customers are easily able to navigate to purchase online, find a local store, or get immersed in the cosmic universe of the website. Coalition has also developed a solid structure behind the scenes so that customers have all of their needs met.

Building off of the WordPress content management system (CMS), we improved site navigation, increased site flexibility, allowed for greater consistency, and reduced content duplication. Our team installed Akismet, which is a feature that filters spam from comments, trackbacks and contact form messages. This feature eliminates spam comments and allows site owners to only view the comments that are considered not to be spam. We also set up a current SSL certificate for enhanced customer security.

About Us page shown on Grisly’s Cosmic Black Yeti website
Store locator page and online purchase page for Grisly’s Cosmic


The client wanted their site to be discoverable. Our web development team was able to build a WordPress site that is SEO-friendly, and our team was able to easily implement best SEO practices for this brand.’s page load speed was reduced and keyword-rich content was produced to attract customers to their store. Linking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to the site also increases site traffic and makes the brand more familiar to the public.

Additional Implementations

Using the Agile Store Locator plugin, we were able to integrate with Google Maps’s API in order to display an interactive map where customers can find a local store carrying Black Yeti Beverages. With Google Maps’s native functionality, users are quickly able to enter their location, get directions, and print or send those directions straight to their phone. And if no location is conveniently located, we have a link ready to send the user to the product page to purchase online.

To further encourage users to interact with the site, our team implemented a secure contact form. This form not only will be used as a lead generation source but can have a significant impact on user engagement and user experience.

Grisly’s Cosmic Store Finder page

Google Analytics tracking codes were also installed. The client will now be able to identify, collect, monitor, and assess trends and patterns of how site users engage with This will allow the client to create many customizable reports which can be helpful in their advertising and business goals. We also set up several goal conversions in Google Analytics for the client.

Several administrative user accounts were created for the client. More than 6 static informational pages, each with its unique URL, were populated on the site as well. These pages are embedded with video, images, and text content. Additionally, a blog post page was created to provide informational resources to visitors.

Final Product


Landing Pages was created with a responsive design so that users across devices are able to see and experience the brand’s products, personality, and any other relevant information or resources. Calls-to-action can be seen on every landing page of the website to further enhance user experience and increase conversions.

Black Yeti’s site contact us page
Bourbon search results page on Grisly’s Cosmic site

Search Page

The search results page on was designed with filters and additional features to provide the best possible search results. Our team ensured that all 404 error pages were removed and built an HTML sitemap page that aligned with the client’s goals.

The client was impressed with our efforts in building a site exactly how they envisioned it. It’s a colorful site that represents the brand perfectly, has informational content, is capable of handling marketing campaigns, and is robust enough to be the brand’s primary revenue source.