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Posh Hair Company

Client: Posh Hair Company

URL: poshhaircompany.com

Website Focus: Ecommerce

Services Provided: PPC, SEO, Web Design, Web Development

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Health & Beauty

Case Summary: Posh Hair Company wanted to transition to an online-only business and wanted a new website, as well as SEO and PPC marketing campaigns. They sought our help to migrate their existing website to the Shopify platform and to spearhead their marketing efforts. Read on to see how we developed a robust Shopify website and helped the brand improve their bounce rate, increase site traffic, and grow their brand.

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Posh Hair Company has seen direct competitors beat them on a regular basis in online search engine results page (SERPs) and advertising. The brand wanted a website and brand-specific marketing strategies to grow their market share.

The brand operated from a brick and mortar location in Michigan. They sought our team of experts to assist the brand with launching a new website and marketing services as it transitioned to an online presence only. Additionally, the client requested that the new website be loaded with branded content. Optimized keywords, unique selling propositions, and effective calls to action (CTAs) were some of the major issues they wanted to quickly address.

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Our team designed and developed a Shopify website with updated search functionality. Poshhaircompany.com was populated with a static page, mega menu, and shopping cart. We integrated the brand’s social media channels and Google Analytics on the new website. Store email accounts were also set up by our team.

The email and SMS marketing tool Klaviyo was installed on the new website. This integration will provide the brand with resources that they can use to maximize order values and repeat sales.

Once the new website was completed, our team progressed with search engine optimization and pay per click  tasks. Targeted keywords were used to enhance the position of the brand on search engines. The new website was launched with optimized content and proper tagging instituted to assist the brand in its analysis of their website’s users.

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The new website poshhaircompany.com was launched with appropriately sized images, no duplicate content, and no pages were returning error 404. The website has improved core web vitals, pages were optimized for all content images and texts. Poshhaircompany.com is a robust website that is easy to navigate and easy to shop on.

Our marketing efforts have resulted in increased website traffic and significant improvements in bounce rates.

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