CMC Motorsports


CMC Motorsports, a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz, was launched in 2015 as the exclusive US distributor of BMW and Porsche Formula 1 racing parts, accessories, and general motorsports merchandise. They wanted us to design and develop a website that would enhance customer experience, evolve with the brand, and increase conversions and revenue.

As we have been working with CMC Motorsports on their SEO marketing campaigns, they also trusted our expertise to design and develop a Shopify website that would look appealing, be user-friendly, have multi-language capability, search capabilities, and filters that would not compromise speed. The newly launched offers site users the best possible customer experience. It is easy to navigate and complete purchases on, and the client is enthused with the capabilities and functionalities of the new site.


The client felt that their existing site did not represent the brand well. For example, the product descriptions were wordy and keyword- stuffed. Copy was not catchy, images were bland, and much of the content was not optimized for search engine ranking. The site was slow and had limited functionalities. The client’s primary goal for the new website was to boost customer engagement and, ultimately, revenue.


Design and Development

Our team created a functional sitemap to plan the information architecture and designed the style guide for this brand. We then combined this information into mockups of the home, category, and product pages. 

The home, category, and product pages were branded and styled with user experience and SEO best practices in mind. The website’s FAQ page was designed with a collapsible, or an accordion-style, design. Users are able to view additional content once they select the neatly-labeled headings.

Our team of developers developed customized category and product pages for CMC Motorsports that were not only visually appealing but would also showcase their high quality products and would be optimized for SEO content. The brand’s customers are able to view additional options to their search results, including color swatches and size options as well as seeing the back and front views of searched products. The website has thumbnail galleries and zoom features. Site visitors can now easily navigate through these category and product pages to quickly complete the sales funnel.

Mega Menu

Our team developed a customized Shopify mega menu with multiple images incorporated for this sports brand’s new website. Users will be able to easily find the different products and product categories on the site, as well as engage with the product imagery.


Our team installed a geolocation app. When users access the website, this app will provide them with recommendations based on their country, browser preferences, or preferred language. The app displays the country selector at the footer of the new site, allowing the site to be translated appropriately and display the customer’s preferred currency.

Auto alt texts

This brand showcases quality images of their products on the website. In order to have its products and content accessible to more users, our team installed the Shopify Auto Alt Text app that will add alt text to every image listed on the website. The client can either use the default alt text format recommended or enter their preferred alt text.


Adroll provides brands with a single platform to launch multiple display ads, social media ads, and emails that will attract new customers, engage existing customers, and grow revenue. The brand is able to use this app to run its social media ads, display ads, and email marketing campaigns all from one location. The client is now able to analyze performance of its marketing campaigns, run reports, and plan strategies to improve results.

Back In Stock Shopify App

Our team installed the Back in Stock: Restock Alerts Shopify app on This app will quickly notify customers via push notifications, emails, and or SMS messages when stocks are replenished. Additionally, the brand’s owners are able to use this app to monitor conversions, inventory levels, and assess the demands for its products.

Clean Size Charts And Color Swatch Pug Apps

The Shopify Clean Size Charts app was installed on the brand’s website tol list size charts and size guides on each product and category page. The brand is now able to assign their customizable size guides to their products which will provide shoppers with an unlimited array of different product sizes to assist them as they shop. This can assist CMC Motorsports’s customers with creating a personalized experience, as well as reducing the number of product returns.

The Color Swatch Pug app was installed to show color swatch buttons on the category and product pages. This app replaced the defaulted drop-down variant selector on the product pages with several customizable color swatches. 

Data Feed Watch

Our team integrated the Data Feed Watch (DFW) app. This app fully automates the brand’s data feed optimization processes. As the brand sells their products across multiple channels and marketplaces, the site needed an automated process to display their products from one central location. The client is now able to optimize their feed to their selected channels, set their own automated rules for each channel or marketplace, group and merge product variants as they desire, and limit or expand products as they see fit.

Justuno Pop-Ups Bundle Upsell

Our team installed the conversion optimization app, Justuno pop-ups bundle upsell app, to assist the brand with promotional tools including discounts and coupons, as well as other marketing tools to improve its conversion rate. This allows the brand to implement different marketing strategies, run conversion analytics, and gather other information that can be used to further grow the brand.


This email marketing and SMS marketing platform has assisted expand their brand awareness. Our team connected Klaviyo with the Shopify theme. This addition will assist CMC Motorsports to turn simple transactions into lasting relationships. Once a shopper enters their contact information on the site, the brand can use automated yet personalized communication methods to inform them of promotions, new listings, winbacks, and other brand information to strengthen the relationship with the client.


The scheduling app, Launchpad, was installed to assist the client with selecting the best schedule for their events. The app will allow the client to select a start and end time for any of its promotions, inventory update, and other schedulable events. For example, the brand is now able to design and schedule future sale promotion events in advance.

Script Editor

The Script Editor app we integrated will be able to create personalized checkout customer experiences. Our team created the option to allow the CMC Motorsports to add scripts that can change the product pricing or grant discounts on orders and shipping rates without the need for additional apps or plugins.

Facebook, Google Shopping, Yahoo, And Microsoft Apps

To further expand their shopping channels, our team integrated the Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google Shopping Feed apps on These apps sync, list, and optimize the feeds to multiple channels to make it easy for the brand to sell across multiple marketplaces easily. Minimal manual effort is required to edit and upload products to these selling channels. Additionally, these apps provide advanced SEO optimization and product visibility to further boost conversion rates and revenues.

To further build brand awareness, provide quick company updates, and to assist the brand’s social media subscribers, who prefer to shop directly on the site, our team linked the brand’s social media channels directly to the website.

Loop Returns and Order Lookup

To improve the brand’s post-purchase experience, our team installed the Loop Returns app. This app will provide the brand with support to reduce return rates, help the brand retain revenue on returns, and provide the tools that can be used to optimize return costs.

The order lookup app installed by our team will help the brand to reduce time tracking order information. By adding this customizable, customer-facing portal to the brand’s storefront, customers can enter their contact information and order number in order to retrieve details related to their orders instantaneously.


Shogun allows brands to easily edit blogs, product pages, collections, homepage, and landing pages. Our team installed the Shogun app to allow CMC Motorsports to be able to easily change the layout of any of its pages or page sections. The client can add other customizable features to its theme’s pages without the need to change its published theme or change its website design.

Tidio Live Chat and Tidio Shopify Bot App

This all-in-one customer service platform is designed to help businesses grow. Our team installed Tidio, which integrates live chats, emails, Messenger, and Instagram all into its customer service center.

Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards and Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

Customer service app Yotpo helps ecommerce brands enhance their customer experience. Yotpo was installed on to vastly improve the customer journey. This app helps the brand grow their brand awareness, trust, and sales through multiple services including: loyalty, referrals, and rewards programs; SMS marketing campaigns; displaying social proof on product pages; and detailed reporting. Customers will be better engaged on top engagement channels.

Multi-Currency Setup

Shopify provides stores with multi-currency functionality. Brands are now able to sell their products in multiple currencies from a single storefront. Shoppers are able to at checkout, pay for their items in any of nine supported currencies. Shoppers, too, have the option to select another currency other than the default currency selected automatically.

Final Product


We were able to create the perfect website for this sports & outdoors brand. The new is modern, ultrafast, reflects the brand’s vision and authentic products. With multiple integrations to further enhance the website’s functionalities, our team ensured that there was no compromise to its speed.

Homepage Before

The client believed that the previous home page was text heavy, not user friendly, and did not represent the brand.

Homepage After

As the only supplier of Mercedes Formula 1 racing merchandise in the United States, this brand needed a visually appealing website that was fast, user-friendly, and optimized to achieve high conversions. Our team wanted the homepage to capture all the client’s immediate requests and still be able to evolve with the brand. When customers visit the new home page, they see the beautiful aesthetics of the site and are able to purchase high quality racing apparel.

Product Page Before

The previous product page was plain and not very enticing to visitors.

Product Page After

Our team designed several product pages with vibrant colors, SEO optimized content, informational resources, and bold calls to action (CTAs).

Category Page Before

While shoppers were able to find the products that they were looking for, the owners believed that the pages were not customer-centric and would not convey the value of customer-brand relationship.

Category Page After

The website’s category pages are more customer focused. Color swatches, size charts, bold add to cart buttons, and search options are now available to enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

Marketing Results

Since the start of our SEO marketing campaign, CMC Motorsports has seen improvements in almost every measurable metric. Compared to the start of the CMC marketing campaign in April 2020, overall metrics in November 2022 have significantly improved. Organic sessions at the end of November 2022 have increased by more than 619% compared to the organic sessions at April 2020. New users have grown by almost 643% for this same comparison period. Organic revenues have increased by more than 849% for this same period. 

Our efforts have seen this brand achieve first page ranking for multiple of its keywords. The client’s ad spend of $158,422.50 produced a return on ad spend in excess of 592%.


Organic Sessions

Increase at the end of November 2022


New Users



Organic Revenues