Client: Omnicharge


Website Focus: Ecommerce

Website Platform: Shopify

Services Provided: Email Marketing, PPC, SEO, Social Media

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Computers & Electronics

Case Summary: This power solutions company offers portable charging solutions to professionals. After 8 months with us, Omnicharge has experienced a 155% increase in organic revenue and a 91% increase in overall revenue.

Read the challenge, our solution, and the result below

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Omnicharge came to us looking to increase traffic to their website with an increase in sales. They were also looking to grow the number of return visitors to their website.

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We have written optimized copy, written and launched campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads, and created content for their social media platforms. We also fixed their navigation bar, added breadcrumbs to the site, and created an HTML and XML sitemap.

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Eight months after starting with us, organic month-over-month transactions increased by 106%, organic revenue increased by 155%, and organic conversion rate increased by 97%. Overall month-over-month transactions increased by 96%, overall revenue increased by 91%, and overall conversion rate increased by 95%.

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