Case Studies

  • Roku

    Roku supplies affordable and easy-to-use devices for watching and streaming TV shows, movies, and music. This audio and video equipment manufacturer also provides its customers with Video on Demand (VOD) streaming services. They sought Coalition’s help to grow their brand engagement and improve rankings of ad-supported content on their streaming platform.

  • Urban Armor Gear

    Urban Armor Gear wanted to throw down in one of the most competitive ecommerce verticals. They picked the right ecommerce design and marketing firm to help.

  • Native Union

    Native Union wanted to streamline their operations because the complexity of their multi-storefront setup was challenging. Coalition Technologies helped them migrate to Shopify Plus as adding new functionality/apps and analyzing 6 different storefronts’ worth of data were becoming difficult and unmanageable.

  • EWC Technologies

    EWC Technologies sells small form factor computers to businesses so that they can save space, time, and money. They have partnerships with Intel and Cisco – and offer solutions to fit any businesses needs. After 3 months of working with us, overall revenue increased exponentially by 39,191.18%.

  • Omnicharge

    This power solutions company offers portable charging solutions to professionals. After 8 months with us, Omnicharge has experienced a 155% increase in organic revenue and a 91% increase in overall revenue.

  • Tadi Brothers

    How did this backup camera and sensor company climb to the first page of the search engine results for the term “backup sensors”? By contracting Coalition’s SEO services, of course.

  • Two Way Direct

    This two-way radio supplier started their business over a decade ago. They offer quality radios and accessories to provide companies with efficient communication. With us, they have seen a 90.98% increase in traffic to their site.

  • Extreme Sport WannaBes

    This company provides action camera chin mounts to extreme sports enthusiasts. After 4 months with us, Extreme Sport WannaBes organic traffic increase by 53,400% and organic revenue increased by 100%.

  • CSI Ergonomics

    CSI designs furniture for optimal comfort, and Coalition designs websites for optimal consumer engagement. By implementing Magento design and development, as well as Ariba integration, we were able to help CSI achieve the elegant simplicity that exemplifies their brand.

  • CCTV Security Pros

    This HD surveillance company provides easy to install options to companies large and small in the USA. They came to Coalition wanting to boost their online presence through our top of the line SEO and PPC services. This CCTV company saw $1.7 million in revenue in just 4 months.


    Designer tastes meet cutting edge technology in the ecommerce store we built for this LA brand.

  • Quetzal POS

    This software company specializes in offering small businesses a point of sales system for their iPad, allowing them to make transactions and keep track of sales easily. This small business needed help marketing their product specifically to iPad users with small businesses. They turned to Coalition for SEO and PPC. Within three months, organic traffic accounted for 56.04% of all sessions, and leads were up 73.08%.

  • Gamer2Go

    Are you a gamer? If so, then this gaming accessories retailer is for you. This relatively new company formed in March 2017, and knew right away they needed an outstanding SEO firm to help drive customers to their site. After only five months with us, they have seen a 521.54% increase in revenue.

  • Tech Armor

    Referred to us by a partner company, Tech Armor needed to understand how they could get more ROI out of their ecommerce site and marketing.


    This portable printer company uses augmented reality to make your print photos come alive. Print photos have faded with the times – but Lifeprint is looking to merge the old with the new, so they approached Coalition. They came to us looking to update their site and see sales in the online market. In just two months, sessions were up 103.35%.