Suntek Systems Inc


Suntek Systems is an integrated software company that manages the forwarding, warehousing, and customs compliance of the logistics industry. For more than two decades, Suntek Systems has developed Logistics Management Software solutions for small and medium freight forwarding businesses. With its proprietary software iFMS, companies of every size can have control over their supply chain visibility and enhance their overall performance. The client contacted us, a WordPress responsive design and development company, to design and develop a new website that will not only showcase their services but also be easy for their customers to navigate. 

See how Coalition developed a responsive WordPress website with B2B capabilities that allows their customers to be easily connected to a customer success representative, access training videos, and have all their issues resolved.


Suntek System wanted a website with a modern yet minimalist design that would showcase their software solutions. Additionally, the client wanted the website to contain more videos and other visuals rather than text. Our team ensured that the website would have all the functionalities requested and still be fast and easy to use.


Home Page

The client wanted their home page to feature a hero banner with a clean design and short copy, a bold call to action button, and a video that auto plays when users land on the home page. They wanted the home page to have as little copy as possible so we showcased the brand’s videos, and designed call to action buttons to be highlighted when hovered over. From the home page, users can submit their questions, access the brand’s YouTube collection of videos, access E-support services, and request additional resources.

Suntek Systems Video Library Page

Video Library Page

The client did not want a traditional blog post page. Instead, they requested a landing page dedicated to product and training videos, with limited copy. We created a new video library page and integrated all the brand’s videos to showcase their products.

Suntek Systems Solutions Page

We created product pages for each of the brand’s four software solutions and embedded a static hero video on each page. Additionally, we implemented a third-party easy-to-complete form, where users can request a demo, get more information, or sign up for a trial period for each solution.

Suntek Systems Solutions Page

Other Website Development

Our team developed a new header and footer for the website. Additionally, we installed Google Analytics on the new website. We created and implemented a redirect strategy as our team identified and redirected backlinks that returned 404 errors.

Final Product


The client is happy with the appearance and functionalities of the new WordPress website. The new website was developed quickly. As the website has several videos on the pages, we assessed its core web vitals. The website did not have any performance issues.

We used Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) to assess the user experience on both mobile and desktop devices. Both desktop and mobile versions were rated as Good for their web vitals. Users can enjoy fast page load speeds of less than 3 seconds. Desktop and mobile versions also scored highly for other metrics including total blocking time and the total time it takes for the pages to become fully interactive.