Case Studies

  • Microsoft

    The Bing Maps Platform by Microsoft allows enterprise-level developers to build map-based geospatial experiences using the Bing Maps API. On this platform, custom or standard data points can be added to provide users with specific geocoding features for millions of addresses in the United States. The Microsoft Bing Enterprise Maps team…

  • Suntek Systems Inc

    Suntek Systems is an integrated software company that manages the forwarding, warehousing, and customs compliance of the logistics industry. For more than two decades, Suntek Systems has developed Logistics Management Software solutions for small and medium freight forwarding businesses. With its proprietary software iFMS, companies of every size can…

  • Laserfiche

    A leader in their industry, this content management software company has worked with over 35,000 companies but still wanted more leads. Through SEO and PPC, Coalition’s team increased organic users by over 30% for the year, with conversions improving by 43%.

  • Jasper PIM

    This product management software company helps businesses manage their products and get them into the hands of consumers.

  • Alcatraz

    This facial authentication company uses facial recognition to help businesses maintain security. After a year with our SEO and PPC services, Alcatraz has seen a 400% increase in organic goal completions with a 87% increase in yearly organic traffic.

  • PINC Solutions

    This digital yard management system offers software, services, and hardware to help companies run their yard efficiently. After a year with us, organic sessions were the greatest contributor of traffic and organic new users had increased by 36%.

  • NIC

    This LA-based IT company came to Coalition looking to move up in the search engine results rankings and improve their lead generation. Read on to see how our SEO and PPC work continues to improve this IT provider’s business efforts.

  • Quetzal POS

    This software company specializes in offering small businesses a point of sales system for their iPad, allowing them to make transactions and keep track of sales easily. This small business needed help marketing their product specifically to iPad users with small businesses. They turned to Coalition for SEO and PPC. Within three months, organic traffic accounted for 56.04% of all sessions, and leads were up 73.08%.

  • Sanplicity

    One of Coalition’s oldest clients, Sanplicity was able to survive and grow because of our web design efforts.

  • Betterment

    A financial services startup needed advanced conversion optimization and graphic design support.

  • Soluntech

    This software and app development company offers companies in a variety of industries individualized management solutions. After 6 months with us, organic sessions have increased by 65% and overall traffic has increased by 52%.

  • Interneer

    Interneer has designed the ultimate business management platform, and Coalition Technologies has designed the ultimate homepage to bring their platform to life. Our team provided UX consulting, site design, and development for this forward-thinking enterprise.

  • Help on Click

    This live chat software company offers businesses a way to interact with their customers. They needed SEO to get their product into more business owners’ hands.

  • QLess Inc.

    Hate waiting in line? This scheduling technology allows businesses to alleviate that. QLess signed up for SEO and PPC services with us to continue to help more businesses schedule happy customers.

  • Cool PC

    This computer cooling company was created in a garage in Washington state. They focus on providing top quality products to protect their customer’s computers. As a tech company ourselves, we understood their vision and wanted to help.