QLess Inc.

Client: QLess Inc.

URL: www.qless.com

Website Focus: Ecommerce, Lead Generation

Website Platform: WordPress

Services Provided: PPC, SEO

Business Type: Business to Business

Client Industry: Software

Case Summary: Hate waiting in line? This scheduling technology allows businesses to alleviate that. QLess signed up for SEO and PPC services with us to continue to help more businesses schedule happy customers.

Read the challenge, our solution, and the result below

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QLess Inc. approached us looking for SEO and PPC services that would bring in businesses with long wait times. They didn’t have to wait long to see results.

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Some of the tasks we have completed for this wait management company include developing company profiles, redesigning their pop-up, and completing 404 redirects. We have also developed a LinkedIn contact form, created ads for their PPC campaign, and run ads on Facebook.

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Having been with us for almost a year now, leads have increased 56% – just a couple of months after we implemented a large batch of optimized copy.
They now have 15  keywords on the first page of Google search results. We also
reduced the cost per acquisition for an organic lead by 155% in 2018. They also saw a 677.78% increase in AdWords conversions from 2017 to 2018, from 9 conversions a month to 61.

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