USDA Mortgage Group

USDA Mortgage Group

Client: USDA Mortgage Group

Website Focus: Lead Generation

Services Provided: SEO, Web Design

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Finance

Case Summary: Coalition turned a side business into a lucrative company that reaches thousands of consumers monthly through prominent search rankings.

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USDA Mortgage Group is owned by Nick F., a loan officer based in Washington state. USDA loans are big business ($16.8 billion in 2010), and many loan officers earn in excess of $3000 per file.

Nick wanted to be more competitive in this lucrative market, so he employed Coalition Technologies to make it happen.

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Coalition Technologies built a high-performing website to generate leads for him and help drive business in a difficult economy.

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He now has top ranking for most of his keywords, gets 2 to 5 quality leads per day and has expanded his business because of our work.

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