Empire Gold Buyers

Client: Empire Gold Buyers

URL: www.empiregoldbuyers.com

Website Focus: Lead Generation

Website Platform: Custom Website

Services Provided: SEO

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Finance, Jewelry

Case Summary: This second-generation gold buyer is not your average company. They pay top dollar for gold and are looking for more customers. Read how we helped them go for the gold… in terms of online marketing. Want to know how to get a 174% increase in organic traffic? Read on.

Read the challenge, our solution, and the result below

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Empire Gold Buyers came to us for SEO help. They’ve been in the business for two generations, but their website was not generating enough leads. Read how Coalition’s custom SEO work ended up being pure gold for this company.

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Our SEO work included using 301 redirects for multiple duplicate copy issues, writing optimized keyword-rich copy, making scripting improvements, and building links. We also made sure that Google Verified Authorship was established to improve content rankings. Goals were set and monitored by our SEO experts to track the response of our work. Read on to see how we did.

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Only two months after beginning work on the SEO campaign for Empire Gold Buyers, visits were up by 48.88% and organic traffic increased by 174.13%. They are also now ranked in the top ten for 21 of their keywords, in the top three for 6 of those, and in the top spot for 2.

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