Gaia Development

Client: Gaia Development


Website Focus: Ecommerce, Lead Generation

Website Platform: WordPress

Services Provided: PPC, SEO, Web Design, Web Development

Business Type: Business to Business, Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Business & Industrial

Case Summary: Gaia Development focuses on helping contractors, architects, and owners consider sustainable building options that provide ecological and tax benefits. They have a broad portfolio of work in both the industrial and home sectors. They needed help showcasing their services and generating more leads.

Read the challenge, our solution, and the result below

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This sustainable developer reached out to Coalition to design a website that reflected their ecological principles while showcasing past projects to potential clients. Coalition’s design team is accustomed to working closely with the SEO team to achieve optimum results for our clients.

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We began work by designing a WordPress site with clear user navigation and a design that brings to life the sustainability movement. Our SEO team optimized copy and checked site structure to ensure proper indexing and high quality rankings by search engines. The PPC team researched and launched a campaign focused on sustainable builders.

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Some of the results after a few months of PPC work include a 17.65% increase in organic traffic, a 9.35% increase in time spent on the site, and 29% increase in traffic on their top keyword “Gaia Development”. These early results of the PPC campaign show how effective they can be if monitored correctly.

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