This spray specialist offers equipment to get rid of pests and weeds while maintaining your lawn. They wanted to hose the competition through a new website and brilliant SEO strategies. Our team tied together the benefits of having SEO and PPC running with a new BigCommerce website and showed how our services compliment each other.

We designed and developed their website for them in 2016 and then made major updates again in 2019. The first build in 2016 moved them off of a custom PHP site. They had to have a developer write code every time they wanted to add products and were getting frustrated. BigCommerce made updating their site easy and fast, so they decided to move to the BigCommerce platform. In 2019, we upgraded to BigCommerce’s new Stencil framework which had many new features and apps that would improve their site.

As we enter a new era with qspray.com the focus is shifting firmly towards a mobile friendly experience, and we are having great success on this journey. The future for the website looks bright, and we expect great things.


screenshot of Qspray's old website

QSpray needed help breaking into the digital market. Their previous site offered a very poor user experience, so they came to us to build a new site as well as run SEO and PPC campaigns. They turned to Coalition to build a BigCommerce website that displayed their commitment to their customers, as well as complete SEO work and launch PPC campaigns.

The platform also needed to be robust enough to allow the site to continually evolve based on the demands of the industry and the users. We have consistently been able to execute on this and really deliver continually improving results through the website.

Based on Google’s preference for a great mobile experience, we were able to seamlessly shift our focus as the site evolved. This allowed us to accommodate the ever growing mobile customer base of the qspray.com website.

Shortly after the launch of the initial BigCommerce site, the mobile user numbers only accounted for 21% of user numbers. This, however, ballooned to just over 60% of user numbers in April 2021. The improvements in user experience could clearly be seen in how the overall mobile conversion rates improved. The conversion rate on mobile devices increased by 85.6%!

As you can see from our results section, they were pretty pleased that they put their trust in us.

screenshot of Qspray's new website


screenshot of Qspray's code

Building the Website

The first step of this project was to design and build a website that offers their clients a reliable way to make purchases. The site is built on BigCommerce with a theme we had previously developed ourselves. Coalition built a site that is easy to navigate, with clear images, and a streamlined checkout process. We integrated the website with InfusionSoft and Google Search. We added a purchase order functionality to meet the exact needs of our client’s B2B business.

The client originally had products on one platform and the blog on WordPress. BigCommerce allowed him to manage his product and content in one location.

Shopping by brand is important to QSpray’s customers. BigCommerce allows them to organize their products by type and by brand. As a B2B company, BigCommerce’s wholesale options like pricelist and customer groups were fundamental to our client and another reason our client chose BigCommerce.

Switching to the New Stencil Framework

Switching to BigCommerce’s new Stencil framework resulted in considerable improvements in site speed and security. The open source code has allowed us greater flexibility and customization options for our client.

We completed the BigCommerce website about two months early to have the new website for the start of our client’s season. We pulled in some additional team members and were able to meet this deadline. The client was very satisfied with the functionality of the new site, and he will be continuing his relationship with us through marketing campaigns and a development flex account.

After finishing the website build, we immediately got to work optimizing their home and category pages, linking to social media, and launched our PPC campaign. We think our results speak for themselves.

Final Product


After launching their new website and within two months of beginning our PPC campaign and SEO work, we increased QSpray’s revenue by 264% from $21,154. 61 to $76,979.95. The next three months of the PPC campaign also saw impressive ROIs of 281.55%, 352.50% and 513.74%. These spectacular numbers are only increasing for this spray specialist.

First Launch

When the site relaunched on the new framework in July 2019, the total revenue generated had reached $108,080.92. Despite the challenges of Covid in 2020 and 2021, the site achieved its best revenue-generating month in April 2021 with a total of $219,383.74 generated.

With an investment of $6,805.07 in their third month of PPC, the campaigns returned $30,792.82 in revenue for an impressive ROI of 352.50%. In the past year, despite the challenges that Covid brought with it, they have not dipped below a 550% ROI on any of their paid campaigns.

Constant Increase Of Numbers

User numbers increased by 25.61% during this time. The effectiveness of the site increased dramatically with the eCommerce conversion rate going from 1.80% in July 2019 up to 2.55% in April 2021. An increase of 35.09%.

Qspray.com enjoyed constant increases in user numbers from the initial launch of the first BigCommerce site. Their initial user numbers were at 14,437 just after their launch in March of 2016 and grew to 28,828 users, which is an increase of 99.7%. From the first version of the BigCommerce site, the revenue numbers increased by over 359% as we continued to evolve the site.


ROI on pay-per-click campaigns


revenue increase


increase in number of sessions

2,090,881 sessions from 1,246,804.