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Medical Website Design and Development

Medical Website Design and Development

Our team embraces innovation and web design best practices to create a custom site for your unique needs. Our experience, gained through hundreds of web design projects, provides us with great insights into your medical practice.

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Website Design and Development for Medical Offices and Practices

Whether you’re a pediatrician, an orthopedic specialist, or a family care physician, an effective website will define your first interactions with many potential patients. If your website hasn’t been designed and developed to anticipate their needs and support the process of booking an appointment or receiving care, it’s not doing its job. Today more than ever, websites are the hub of a medical practice, offering opportunities to support lead generation, marketing, operations, billing, record keeping, and even telemedicine. Coalition’s expert team of designers and developers will help your medical website simplify life for your patients and for your team.

We’d love to speak with you about some of the specific design expectations you have for your medical practice or office. Contact us at (310) 827-3890 or via one of the contact forms featured throughout our site to speak with a medical practice digital expert.

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What Coalition Technologies Can Do for You

Work with Coalition on Your Medical Website

A medical practice’s website needs to be (a) easy to use, (b) trustworthy and secure, (c) visually appealing, and (d) easy to maintain. All of that has to occur while supporting growing awareness of your medical practice within your local area. Coalition is the perfect medical website design and development company to work with for these requirements. Founded by an SEO and SEM expert in 2009, we’ve completed hundreds of successful website projects for doctors, surgeons, veterinarians, dentists, hospitals, and more. Contact us at (310) 827-3890 today to learn more.

Our Medical Website Design Process

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Our Custom Healthcare Web Design and Development Services

Custom Practice WebsitesCustom Practice Websites

Custom Practice Websites

Whether you are a hospital network, a multi-location and multi-provider practice, or a single medical office serving a smaller community, Coalition’s experience designing and developing great websites for the healthcare industry is what you’re looking for. Our interconnected teams of skilled experts will help craft a digital presence that helps you bring in new patients and retain existing ones for a range of services. We’ve created custom websites for plastic surgeons, vets, chiropractors, dentists, and more.

Mobile Friendly SitesMobile Friendly Sites

Mobile-Friendly Sites

More and more patients are finding their medical providers online, often using search engines like Google to identify whom they’re contacting first. Our responsive websites help you rank better with Google and create an ideal environment for new patients to explore your practice and create their first appointments. We have hundreds of high-converting, well-marketed websites under our collective belt so we are confident in our ability to generate great outcomes for you.



Accessibility is highly critical for medical providers and their websites. With increasingly stringent and sometimes confusing standards around ADA compliance for medical websites, it’s important to work with a provider who has the experience and knowledge to ensure your practice meets these fluidly changing requirements. Our designers, developers, and content marketers know how to make your site ADA compliant.



Need to integrate telemedicine into your practice website ASAP? Whether you’re on WordPress or on another content management system, Coalition can help you set up the billing, appointment setting, communication, and service tools that your website needs to begin offering telemedicine capabilities quickly. As more and more people opt to communicate, live, and work remotely, telemedicine is a rapidly growing field for doctors and medical practices.

350+ Web Design Case Studies

Coalition’s team has designed and developed world-class medical and doctor’s websites for practices around the United States. Our focus on building high-converting websites will help your practice grow.


Content managementContent management



Patient PortalsPatient Portals

Online BillingOnline Billing

“Every issue was fixed to our satisfaction, and they often went above and beyond to deliver solutions quickly. Users and internal members are very pleased with the outcomes, and they site is very easy to navigate. Coalition Technologies is responsive, and they hold themselves accountable. Their work is high-quality, and they were always detail-oriented and thorough.”

– David Jones, VP Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, Compass Health Brands

Medical and Healthcare Web Design Resources

We have a lot of knowledge and experience in a range of medical and healthcare fields. We’ve helped surgeons, orthodontists, physical therapists, medical billing providers, medical software companies, and more. Take a look at some of the resources we have below!

Medical and Healthcare SEO

Medical and Healthcare SEO
17 Common Website Mistakes That You Should Avoid

17 Common Website Mistakes That You Should Avoid
What Makes A Good Website?

What Makes A Good Website?

Websites Are Critical to Medical Practices

It’s easy to get so focused on running the day-to-day operations of your medical business. There is so much going on! Whether you’re in patient services, billing, operations, HR, medical support, or elsewhere, it’s easy to forget that the lifeblood of your doctor’s office is a website that generates a high volume of relevant patient leads on a reliable basis. Coalition’s team of expert designers, developers, and marketers can provide just that. We’re knowledgeable, reliable, and ready to work with you today! Contact us now at (310) 827-3890 to start improving your web presence.