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The top ranking doctor’s offices, hospitals, medical practices and healthcare businesses garner nearly 3x as much traffic as those ranked #2 or #3 in SERPs (search engine results pages).

If you’d like to see your medical business grow stably in a way that most marketing channels can’t provide, you need SEO. And Coalition is the best SEO service agency for plastic surgeons, doctors, medical billing providers, and health insurance companies.

Stay Two Steps Ahead of Google

Most SEO companies are constantly chasing after Google in an effort to keep up with the latest algorithm changes. As a result, their clients are always seeing rankings and results rise and fall with each ensuing update.

Coalition stays two steps ahead of Google by looking at what consumers expect from their search results, and preemptively optimizing to meet those needs. When Google reacts, our clients are already ready.

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Featured Projects

Coast Medical


Discover how we helped this nurse staffing company’s website achieve significant growth in organic traffic.

Medisys Health Network


Learn how we drove impressive website traffic growth for community hospitals based in New York.

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Top Keyword Rankings for Medical Clients

Coalition Technologies has worked with dozens of healthcare providers across the country. The website optimizations we’ve provided have brought our clients’ websites to the top of search results in local and national searches of these terms.

These are valuable search terms that new patients search to find our clients, and we can do the same for the terms important to you.

SEO Process for Medical and Healthcare Businesses

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The first step in any successful medical SEO campaign is a thorough and thoughtful analysis that helps you understand local, regional, and national implications. We’ll look at your leading competitors, and related verticals. We’ll evaluate keyword traffic, competitiveness and stability. We’ll make a plan that helps you gain traction as quickly as possible.



Once we have a thorough understanding of your medical business and your goals, we’ll craft a one of a kind strategy that draws from our unrivaled experience and techniques. After we’ve reviewed it with you, we’ll convert it into actionable steps for our teams to take.



One of the highest priority, early phase activities that we take on is an effort to reduce crawl errors or barriers to Google effectively exploring your site. If we can do that, future work has a much higher impact on your SEO outcomes.



Once your medical site has had key barriers to crawling resolve, we’ll work on improving its keyword relevance. Search, whether via app or website, or via voice or typing, is still primarily built around keyword relevance. By improving keyword optimization and adding content to your site, you’ll see growth on more keywords.



Search engines spend a great deal of time trying to view your practice website as a consumer might. On site experience is one of the more important ongoing activities that a great SEO company can manage. Unfortunately most lack design and development prowess to make meaningful improvements here. Not Coalition.



An ongoing part of SEO is building offsite authority through public relations, link building, social media engagement, and more. Coalition helps build your credibility and presence beyond the confines of your own medical website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is medical search engine optimization? How different is it from regular SEO?

    Medical SEO is the practice of optimizing a website to rank well in the medical and healthcare verticals for keywords commonly used by patients, clients, and customers. It differs from regular SEO in that it requires a higher degree of technical knowledge and specialization, and is driven more by trust metrics than other categories.

  • Why do we need to do SEO? Isn’t everyone reliant on social media nowadays?

    Healthcare businesses should do SEO because the majority of online transactions begin with a search through Google or another search engine. While social media and other marketing categories do have viable opportunities associated with them, SEO remains the highest ROI digital marketing technique.
  • Is Coalition Technologies familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding healthcare / medical digital marketing?

    Coalition has extensive experience marketing medical businesses in ways that are compliant with a range of state, federal, and international regulations and laws. That streamlines the process of getting our work live!
  • How soon can I see significant results from my medical SEO campaign?

    Medical SEO, when done correctly and properly supported by you, can start generating early wins within a matter of months. Most of our clients will see improved rankings, impressions, and clicks on long tail SEO terms shortly after we kickoff. Typically that is generating a meaningful growth for your healthcare business within 8 to 12 months.
  • How much do you charge?

    Our rates for SEO campaigns are based on your particular objectives and target markets. Want a national campaign on a highly competitive term? You’ll need to invest more than a doctor who is only targeting a suburban market with a smaller set of keywords.
  • How much do I need to spend for medical / healthcare SEO?

    After talking to Coalition’s team of digital strategists, we’ll be able to recommend a specific budget for your office or practice. We will take into account your goals, your website performance, your market and competitors, and more before we make a recommendation.

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