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Native Union

Client: Native Union


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Case Summary: Native Union wanted to streamline their operations because the complexity of their multi-storefront setup was challenging. Coalition Technologies helped them migrate to Shopify Plus as adding new functionality/apps and analyzing 6 different storefronts’ worth of data were becoming difficult and unmanageable.

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Native Union

Challenge Icon Challenge

The biggest challenge was ensuring that every element of Native Union’s website worked perfectly with the multi-currency integration. With strict multi-currency requirements, Native Union needed to make sure that their single-storefront multi-currency build was perfect for end customers and their own staff. 

Solution Icon Solution

In order to tackle this problem, Coalition Technologies made sure to perform rigorous and substantial quality assurance (QA) and testing for both front end and back end development. The team also ensured that web design and development work was done efficiently by working closely with the partner agency.

Result Icon Result

Native Union’s single, global storefront allowed them to streamline their analytics, leading to quicker and more impactful insights than before. Their website’s new design better represented their brand, and the addition of new functionalities is now much simpler. This simplified structure has also allowed them to automate a lot of their order processing, leading to better customer service.


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