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Native Union

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Case Summary: After working with another BigCommerce Enterprise partner to redesign their ecommerce sites, Native Union was forced into another redesign project when conversion rates and site performance collapsed. What was especially ironic was that days after our work with Native Union kicked off, the aesthetically appealing but conversion ignorant old site won a design award. However, within 5 months of working with Coalition to design, develop and launch a new site, Native Union has experienced a fantastic rebound.

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Native Union


Coalition was chosen to help redesign the Native Union sites (6 international regions) and develop numerous custom features that help improve the UX and the marketability of the sites moving forward.


Our redesign helped get this tech accessory company what they needed - more conversions. Take a look at our design and our results.


Organic traffic to the site grew by over 58%. Conversion rates rose by 37% across all devices. And revenue? How about a 234% increase? In less than six months, our work not only drove more visitors the brand, it also paid for itself several times over.

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