Keshot Co.

Client: Keshot Co.


Website Focus: Ecommerce, Lead Generation

Website Platform: Custom Website

Services Provided: SEO, Web Design, Web Development

Business Type: Business to Business, Business to Consumer

Client Industry: Internet & Telecommunications, Marketing

Case Summary: This social media photo booth company offers another way to market at corporate events. Their photo booths allow companies to put their logo on all pictures and videos taken at events, and even have the ability to post them to Facebook. Keshot wanted to get more leads, so they turned to Coalition.

Read the challenge, our solution, and the result below

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Coalition was tasked with helping this social media photo booth service company generate more leads. They hired us to rework major aspects of their website as well as go behind the scenes and clean up their code. As a social media company, one of their main goals was to establish a bigger social media presence.

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The first changes we made to Keshot’s site were to update the sitemap, fix broken images, and completely redesign their blog. In addition, we completed many SEO tasks such as optimizing copy, rewriting title tags and meta descriptions, and building links. We made sure that their social media feeds were optimized to generate press and, with that, leads.

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Keshot has now risen in their industry and has worked with many of the top level companies. They are the second ranked social media photo booth on Google search and are generating more revenue than ever before.

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