Case Studies

  • Coalition Technologies

    Our own website often gets overlooked as we highlight our capabilities. But with responsive layouts and creative HTML5 effects, you might as well take a look.

  • Cydcor

    One of Coalition’s award winning HTML5 developments, the new Cydcor site reestablished an international brand.

  • Sanplicity

    One of Coalition’s oldest clients, Sanplicity was able to survive and grow because of our web design efforts.

  • Stanton & Company

    Custom WordPress design, development, and programming gave this Los Angeles PR firm an image boost.

  • Main Street Hub

    Social media and reptuation management gurus sometimes need a bit of assistance too. Coalition helped strengthen the search presence of Main Street Hub in 2012.

  • MWW

    One of the world’s largest privately owned PR firms uses Coalition for online marketing consulting. Why wouldn’t you?

  • A Hundred Monkeys

    Find out how Coalition took an industry innovator, offline, to the top of their industry online. Hint: it involves SEO and PPC.

  • Anonymous Content

    This production and management company works with top talent to achieve their industry goals. They wanted Coalition to build a website that incorporated an application that allows them to sort and create reports based on sales data. Take a look at Anonymous Content.

  • 7th Floor Digital

    Discover how Coalition helped this digital marketing agency on several web development projects for its clients.

  • Bex Brands

    This branding and marketing agency needed help from the best to build a website that would attract top-level clients. So, they called Coalition. Take a look at our work for them and the success they were able to achieve.

  • USC Pack

    This full service packaging company serves big name clients such as Vans, UGG, and Michael Kors. They provide a turnkey service with competitive prices. David approached us looking for SEO services that would bring USC Pack and its sister company to the top of the packaging industry.

  • CBS Altitude Group

    This marketing agency focuses on local media advertising. They operate through media superpower CBS and work to help local businesses run productive campaigns. So, why come to us? They knew Coalition delivers great results and that we could get their site to generate even more leads.

  • Cinema Vehicles

    So you know all of the cars you see in movies, commercials, and TV shows? Cinema Vehicles is responsible. They offer a wide range of cars to the entertainment industry. They came to us looking to gain more leads. Even after two months of SEO work, organic traffic makes up 71.35% of total sessions for Cinema Vehicles.

  • DJ Courses Online

    This online DJ instructional institute allows their students to take lessons that are flexible to their schedule and meet them at their skill level. See how Coalition helped them market their services to reach more aspiring DJs than ever.

  • Jomsy Fashion

    Sylvie, a fashion consultant, has experience as a designer and artist. She was looking to lead others in producing and marketing their designs, but she needed an online presence. Take a look at Jomsy Fashion!