5 Must-Have SEO Software

For the most part, any Los Angeles SEO firm worth its salt focuses on ways to convert their optimization efforts into more business for their clients. This is the biggest part of SEO, but there are some technical software that people can use to increase their productivity. Below are five software products, some of which are free, others that operate on a subscription basis, that can help businesses find effective SEO strategies.

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is one of the most basic tools that Los Angeles SEO companies use to help their clients build their business. The tool searches a domain name the user enters, which can be any domain on the internet, for the number of links, new links, linking domains, anchor texts and other metrics for the site. A comparative metric measuring authority is generated by the software as well.

Using this information, business owners can determine which links to their site are the most important and maintain those connections. This helps them keep their current search engine listing. Open Site Explorer can compare up to five different websites at the same time, so managers can compare their site against their competitors to see what they’re doing well and what they could be doing better.

Majestic SEO

Like Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO is a page search tool that many Los Angeles SEO firms use to find their client’s links and analyze their position in the internet. Majestic SEO also has a tool called “Search Explorer” that shows the web page listings for a search term devoid of personalized information, including location and other personal settings. Google uses a lot of personal information from the searcher’s accounts to generate search listings, and with Search Explorer, you can see the true search engine results page regardless of personalization. Majestic’s metrics are a little more comprehensive than Open Site Explorer and include things like the source of the links, whether it is a business, government or educational site, the type of link (like nofollow links and redirects), and the links from the last 30 days or 12 months.

With access to Majestic’s subscription section, users can download backlinks and other data for competitors’ websites. This data can be integrated with Majestic’s API (application programming interface) that allows 3rd party software to analyze the data.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a comprehensive suite of tools Los Angeles SEO experts use. The tools allow people to manage keyword lists, research competitors, manage Twitter/Facebook campaigns, track social media mentions, crawl sites, compare site metrics and integrate Google or Bing analytics and webmaster tools. It’s subscription based, and the costs plus the learning curve to mastering the tools often make it too intimidating for novices to invest in.


Buzzstream is designed to save people time when building contacts and prospect spreadsheets for SEO campaigns and focus on building relationships instead. The service allows Los Angeles SEO firms to automatically add a website or blog into a contact database and fills in contact information, page authority, page metrics and other important information automatically. It can also search the internet against a campaign term or theme to find the best contacts to connect with to make the campaign successful. When an SEO expert is ready to reach out to a potential link, they can simply press a button to generate a form email that they personalize to send to the prospect.

Google Analytics and Other Data Tools

It might seem obvious to many people, but effectively using Google Analytics is key to worthwhile SEO and therefore worth repeating. Analytics allows people to track goals for their web site. These goals can include many viewer actions including purchases, clicks on ads, subscriptions and reading an article. Once the goals are established, SEO experts can compare goal conversion to a wide array of different metrics to find ways for the website to do what it was meant to do better.

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