A Cut Above Boutique A New Coalition Client

A Cut Above Boutique: A New Coalition Client

Our team is thrilled to announce that we are now working with A Cut Above Boutique, Inc. A Cut Above Boutique serves women who want to feel and look their best without the high costs associated with most designer apparel. This brand’s clothing in-store and online is contemporary, cute, and affordable. We are excited to work alongside a boutique dedicated to their craft and the women they serve every day.

The “A Cut Above” Difference

Opening a women’s clothing boutique was a lifelong dream for Brittney Denman, owner of A Cut Above Boutique. Denman has worked in the cosmetology, pageantry, and retail worlds and has long disapproved of how inaccessible quality fashion is for everyday women. Naturally, Denman sought to create a retail brand where any woman can buy cute clothes for less. So, she opened up A Cut Above Boutique in 2011 in Ocala, Florida.

Since then, Brittney’s clothing brand has grown and continues to serve women with high-quality customer service and low-cost, trendy attire. Also, she expanded her boutique, launched a sister clothing line, and became known to her customers as the go-to store for the chic, affordable clothing.

Our Work for A Cut Above

A Cut Above has been seeing consistent growth with their brick-and-mortar sales, but now they’re looking to grow their online business as well. They came to us in the hopes of sprucing up their website and increasing their organic and PPC sales. We immediately got to work on new marketing and design objectives, giving the site a fresh layout and bolstering the company’s online visibility with optimized content and back-end modifications. We’re already seeing success with the campaign, and we look forward to continuing our work.

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