Be Found on Facebook, Twitter, and Social Media

So many of our clients come to us wanting a specific search engine marketing service. They want pay per click or they want SEO or they want a cool Facebook page.

It always takes the same amount of time, and effort, to explain why it is important to have your search marketing efforts running in almost every single venue.

SEO and Adwords are the most obvious ones to jump on board with- showing up on the first page of Google for a good keyword query can drive huge amounts of new business to  a company. Most business owners know that a big search engine is the first place that someone turns for their latest  inquiry. Because most of them have  ran a search for their latest service provider themselves.

But talking about Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc? Not interested!

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Is this button on your site? It should be!

The question is why not?

These services make money off of your participation,  but for what is essentially a free exchange, they also let you get access to all of their other participants. That’s a number of clients in the hundreds of millions. Now, not every one of them is going to be in your service area, or in need of your services. BUT, lots of them are. So the question remains, why not?

Most people try and argue that social media and viral media are aimed at a specific group of people only. The fact of the matter is that they’re not. Facebook saw double digit percentage growth in almost every age demographic last year. That’s especially impressive given that they have a user database  in the hundreds of millions.

Or they argue that a business model doesn’t translate well to these forums because they’re too young, too informal. My two responses to that are: One, all businesses still require people to operate. Social marketing is simply marketing to people through a manner that is more involved in their lives. You’re talking to them at home, rather then from a billboard. Two, there is a way to find any clientele on these social media forums. Do a search. Ask to be someone’s friend. Follow them on Twitter. It doesn’t take much effort and you can create a little pond within the bigger ocean. Stay involved and keep posting, and you’ll see a lot off people trying to engage you.

No successful business owner would pass up an opportunity to reach a million new customers. Especially when it costs less then a half page ad in a doorstop, I  mean booster seat, I mean phone book. Stop wasting the money on radio (iPods have killed it), stop wasting it on television  (DVR and Tivo kill your ads), and stop wasting it on newspaper (bankrupt).

Drop us a line if you want help. We do it all.

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