Better Gmail ads from Google?

Google is working to develop better ad content for their Gmail users.

I use Gmail, and no that the ads can be quite crappy. I also find it somewhat eerie, that anything (even a fully automated anything) can read my email and then submit ads based on my email content. Somewhere, somehow, someone is going to be exploiting this and I’d rather not think about the privacy implications if they do.

Since I won’t stop using Gmail in the near future, and since a lot of our clients use it as their primary inbox service, and since even more of our clients are Google ad partners, then it makes sense to give them a +1 for this effort.

Anyone who is running a LA pay per click (PPC) campaign knows that sometimes the Google ad network can be a real miss, especially compared to the results you can generate with a very targeted Adwords effort. So, if Google manages to improve relevance for these ads, then it should help the advertisers as well as the consumers.

Better CTR (click through rates), better conversions, and better quality scores could ensue. Obviously, it remains to be seen whether or not Google can effectively leverage the improvements to make their extended network more advertising dollars worthy. But we’ll keep an eye on it for you. Should we see the numbers improve for the Gmail ad links, that might open up more desire to promote business there.

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