What a BigCommerce SEO Company Can Do For Your Brand

SEO isn’t going anywhere. Although the online landscape is constantly shifting, there will always be new ways to boost SERP rankings organically. In the world of eCommerce, SEO is especially important. After all, what good is a store if nobody can see it? Organic searches account for a significant amount of traffic, so don’t overlook this simple yet highly effective way to boost traffic to your BigCommerce store.

Why You Need an SEO Company


It may be tempting to handle SEO duties on your own, but the reality is that there’s more to search engine optimization than tossing a few keywords into your product descriptions. A good BigCommerce SEO company has the technical expertise and first-hand experience to help your store rise to the top, but that’s not where it ends. SEO is an ongoing process that requires constant adaptation to be successful.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you can anticipate when you hire a reputable BigCommerce SEO firm or company for your brand.

Increase Traffic

One of our expert SEO technicians, Christian Hilario outlines optimization goals succinctly. He says, “The most obvious reason to use SEO is to grow your audience. We’ve proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that what we do works. A great example is our campaign with Melanie Casey, a talented handmade jewelry artist.”

From the first month she contacted us (May 2015), until the most recent month (November 2016), organic sessions have increased an impressive 402% from 695 to 3,490. New organic users have also increased by 396%, from 411 to 2,039. In the fourth quarter of 2015 compared to 2014, sessions increased 148%, and new users improved 143% from 1,400 sessions to 3500.

As you can see, hiring a company for your BigCommerce SEO upgrades is one of the easiest and most effective ways to give your brand a serious upsurge. Growth also tends to happen exponentially, so it’s fair to assume that Melanie Casey’s audience is only going to expand as more and more people shop there, tell their friends, and arrive at her store through organic search.

Drive Brand Awareness

Of course, more traffic means more sales and more profit – that’s undeniable. But that’s not the only reason to hire a BigCommerce SEO company. A good SEO campaign will also help to turn your brand from an unknown to a household name. A high ranking on a search engine immediately gives your brand credibility, empowering your company as not just a retailer, but a resource as well.

Let’s say you run a brick-and-mortar local shoe store, and there’s another shoe store just a few blocks away. If someone is asking around to see where they can find a new pair of sneakers, of course you’re going to want people to direct that person to your store. Having your brand show up on the first page of Google is the online equivalent of a recommendation from a trusted person.

Track Your Progress and Adapt

The great thing about SEO is that it’s trackable and quantifiable. A skilled SEO agency will be able to track demographic information, conversions, increases in rankings, and other data that will help you to run your business more efficiently. Knowledge is power when it comes to eCommerce, and the right SEO campaign provides comprehensive analytics that let you take a more focused approach to the way you run your company.

A Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

Search engine optimization is consistently one of the most economical ways to market your brand. Often, an SEO campaign will increase traffic and profit by percentages of hundreds or even thousands, assuming you go through a talented BigCommerce SEO Company, of course

The beauty of SEO is that it markets your company to a very narrow, targeted audience – the people who are actively seeking out your product or service! Finding those types of legitimate, ultra-specific leads is not nearly as easy or affordable in other marketing sectors.

Social media is another incredibly cheap yet powerful marketing platform that shouldn’t be ignored. When you talk to a potential specialist or SEO company for your BigCommerce site, ask about how they’ll integrate your social media accounts into the campaign. After all, as your online traffic increases, you want to be able to reach your customers with new products, sales, and other information. Social media and an email list are two easy ways to stay in touch with your audience.

Improve Your Site’s Functionality

The core of any effective SEO campaign involves rearranging your website to make it easier for Google’s algorithms to crawl. Often that means rewriting product descriptions and titles, cleaning up URLs, adding links, and taking other actions to improve your site’s overall architecture. A natural byproduct of this cleanup is a website that’s more responsive across multiple devices, and easier to navigate. Your BigCommerce SEO company should be well-versed in all aspects of web development, not just SEO.

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